Stare Selo, Sumy Oblast

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Stare Selo
Старе Село
Coordinates: 50°55′N 34°45′E / 50.917°N 34.750°E / 50.917; 34.750Coordinates: 50°55′N 34°45′E / 50.917°N 34.750°E / 50.917; 34.750
 • TypeVillage Council
 • Starosiljskiy Village CouncilStare Selo, Barvinkove, Vyshneve
133 m (436 ft)
 • Total2,079
Postal code42353
Telephone code+380 542

Stare Selo (Ukrainian: Старе Село), literally "Old Village", until 2016 – Chervone (Ukrainian: Червоне), or simply Stare, is a village in Ukraine, in Sumy Raion, Sumy Oblast. It is the seat of its local self-governing body, Starosiljskiy Village Council.[citation needed]


The village of Stare is located on the right bank of the Psel River, 9 km south of central Sumy. Above the village at a distance of 1 km is the village of Barvinkove, below the village at a distance of 2 km is the village of Vyshneve. The Psel in this place is winding, forms swamps, and marshes. Nearby is highway H12.[1]


  • Founded in 1642 as "Stare Selo".
  • In the 19th century, the village of Stare Selo was in , , . The Nikolaev Church[2] was built in the village.
  • In 1930 it was renamed "Chervone" by Russian patriots.[citation needed]
  • In 2016 it was given back its original name, Stare Selo.[3]


Stare has two bus stops: one at the highway and Sumska Street, and another on Pershotravneva Street and Sumska Street.[4] Marshrutkas from Sumy and other villages run to and by the village frequently.[5]


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