Than Myint Aung

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Than Myint Aung
Bornc. 1954 (1954) (age 67)
(now Myanmar)
  • Writer
  • philanthropist

Than Myint Aung (Burmese: သန်းမြင့်အောင်; born c. 1954) is a Burmese philanthropist and writer, known for her novels and short stories on societal issues.[1][2]

In 2001, she co-founded the Free Funeral Service Society, a nonprofit that offers free funeral services for poor families.[3] In 2005, she established the Thuka Yeikmyon orphanage for children with HIV in Yangon. In 2010, she established Twilight Villa, a retirement home for impoverished elderly in Yangon's East Dagon Township.[4][5] In 2013, she opened a second orphanage for children with HIV in Mandalay.[3] In June 2014, she was awarded the Citizen of Burma award for her philanthropic work.[6]

In June 2016, she was appointed to the Yangon City Development Committee.[7]

In the aftermath of the 2021 Myanmar coup d'état, she was arrested by the military regime.[8]


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