The Adventures of Mr. Nicholas Wisdom

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The Adventures of Mr. Nicholas Empiricus
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AuthorIgnacy Krasicki
Original titleMikołaja Doświadczyńskiego przypadki
Publication date
Media typePrint (Hardback)

The Adventures of Mr. Nicholas Wisdom (Polish: Mikołaja Doświadczyńskiego przypadki; in English, more accurately, The Adventures of Nicholas Empiricus), written in Polish in 1776 by Ignacy Krasicki, is the first novel composed in the Polish language, and a milestone in Polish literature.[1]


Krasicki's novel is the tale of Nicholas Experience (Mikołaj Doświadczyński), a Polish nobleman. During sojourns in Warsaw, Paris, and the fictional island of Nipu (based on Japan, known to natives as Nippon), the protagonist gathers numerous experiences that lead him to a rationalist outlook and teach him how to become a good man, and thus a good citizen. This rationalist outlook, often emphasized in Krasicki's writings, constitutes an apologia for the Enlightenment and physiocratism.

The Adventures of Nicholas Experience offers a portrayal both of the 18th-century Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth and of the broader European culture of the time.


  • Title: The Adventures of Mr. Nicholas Wisdom
  • Author Ignacy Krasicki
  • Editor: Northwestern University Press, 1992
  • ISBN 0810110148, 9780810110144
  • 148 pages

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