The Colours of Zoth Ommog

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The Colours of Zoth Ommog
Various Artists - The Colours of Zoth Ommog.jpg
Compilation album by
Various artists
Released1994 (1994)
LabelZoth Ommog

The Colours of Zoth Ommog is a various artists compilation album released in 1994 by Zoth Ommog Records. Songs by Blok 57, Leæther Strip, Lights of Euphoria, Mentallo & The Fixer, Psychopomps, Spahn Ranch and X Marks the Pedwalk were previously unreleased in the bands' main discography.[1] Spahn Ranch's "Failsafe", which later appeared on their compilation is incorrectly listed in the liner noted as being from the Breath and Taxes EP.[2]


Music From the Empty Quarter recommended The Colours of Zoth Ommog and said "Zoth Ommog's compilations generally give a good insight into the full-length offerings on the label."[3]

Track listing[]

1."Riot 26"Guy Van MieghemBlok 574:12
2."Grim Reality" (Grimpen Ward Remix)
  • Dwayne Dassing
  • Gary Dassing
Mentallo & The Fixer8:32
3."No Premonition" (Re–Edit)Sevren Ni-ArbX Marks the Pedwalk6:24
4."Murder/Getting Away With It" (Original G.A.W.M.-Demo-Version)Claus LarsenLeæther Strip4:08
5."Für Immer" (F.I.S.-Remix)
  • Martin Bodewell
  • Lars Felker
Orange Sector5:02
6."Oh Funny Man"
  • Dirk Krause
  • Uwe Kanka
Armageddon Dildos3:40
Spahn Ranch4:37
8."Beater"Jeremy DawYeht Mae5:18
  • Roberto A. Mendoza
  • Pepe Mogt
  • Melo Ruíz
10."The World Inside" (Reality Mix)
  • David Duddleston
  • Jeremy Wells
Violet Arcana6:59
11."One" (George Hagegeorge Funky Mix)
  • Thomas Franzmann
  • Markus Nikolai
Bigod 205:02
12."Steam Engine"Sascha KurzZero Defects6:17
13."Take One" (Argon Edit)Torben SchmidtLights of Euphoria4:33
14."Doggy Style (X-Rated)"
  • Flemming Norre Larsen
  • Jesper Schmidt


Adapted from the The Colours of Zoth Ommog liner notes.[1]

Release history[]

Region Date Label Format Catalog
United States 1994 Zoth Ommog CD ZOT 121


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