The Kingsmen Greatest Hits

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The Kingsmen Greatest Hits
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Greatest hits album by
GenreGarage rock
ProducerPaul Tannen, Mark Wildey
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The Kingsmen Greatest Hits
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The Kingsmen Greatest Hits is the seventh album by the rock band The Kingsmen, released in 1966.

Release and reception[]

The Kingsmen's seventh album completed their career arc in the 1960s with a compilation of previous releases including all eight of their Billboard Hot 100 singles. One new song, "Don't Say No" (released as a single in 1967), was also included. The album did not make the Billboard LP chart. [1]

Both mono (WDM 681) and stereo (WDS 681) versions were released. International releases included Canada (Wand 681) and United Kingdom (Marble Arch MAL829, different cover). The LP was also released in Germany in 1973 (Metronome 200 104, different cover). The album has not been reissued on CD.

Track listing[]

  1. Louie, Louie – 3:00 (Richard Berry)[2]
  2. The Jolly Green Giant – 1:56 (L. Easton, Don Harris, Dewey Terry)[3][4]
  3. Long Green – 2:36 (L. Easton)[5]
  4. Little Latin Lupe Lu – 2:22 (P. Medley)[6]
  5. The Climb – 2:32 (L. Easton)[7]
  6. Annie Fanny – 2:05 (L. Easton)[7][8]
  7. Money – 2:25 (B. Gordy-J. Bradford)
  8. Killer Joe – 2:15 (Russell-Elgin-Medley)[2]
  9. Something's Got a Hold on Me – 3:07 (P. Woods-E. James-L. Kirkland)[6]
  10. A Hard Day's Night – 2:20 (J. Lennon-P. McCartney)[7]
  11. Mother In Law – 2:31 (A. Toussaint)[3]
  12. Don't Say No – 1:58 (Bartholemew-Richardson)[9]
  13. David's Mood – 2:06 (D. Lewis)[6]
  14. Death of an Angel – 2:30 (D. Woods)[6]

The 8-track tape release (Wand 821-681) had only twelve tracks and a different order (A: 4-7-11, B: 2-3-12, C: 1-10-14, D: 6-9-13), omitting "The Climb" and "Killer Joe", and with the cover listing only "12 Great Hits" vs. "14 Great Hits" on the LP. The cassette tape release likewise had only twelve tracks and a different order (A: 4-7-11-2-3-13, B: 1-10-14-6-9-12), omitting the same two tracks and switching the positions of "David's Mood" and "Don't Say No".

Musicians and production[]

All tracks except as noted below:

  • Lynn Easton: vocals, saxophone
  • Mike Mitchell: lead guitar
  • Dick Peterson: drums
  • Barry Curtis: keyboards
  • Norm Sundholm: bass

Louie Louie

  • Jack Ely: vocals, guitar
  • Lynn Easton: drums
  • Mike Mitchell: lead guitar
  • Don Gallucci: keyboards
  • Bob Nordby: bass


  • Lynn Easton: vocals, saxophone
  • Mike Mitchell: lead guitar
  • Gary Abbott: drums
  • Barry Curtis: keyboards
  • Norm Sundholm: bass

Don't Say No

  • Mike Mitchell: lead guitar, vocals
  • Dick Peterson: drums, guitar, vocals
  • J. C. Rieck: keyboards, vocals
  • Jeff Beals: bass

Producers: Paul Tannen & Mark Wildey. Liner notes: Sam Goff. Art direction and cover design: Burt Goldblatt.


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