The One: Crash to Create

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"The One -Crash to Create-"
The One -Crash to Create-.jpg
Cover of the regular edition.
Single by Luna Sea
ReleasedMarch 21, 2012
GenreProgressive rock
Songwriter(s)Luna Sea
Producer(s)Luna Sea
Luna Sea singles chronology
"Love Song"
"The One -Crash to Create-"
"The End of the Dream/Rouge"

"The One -Crash to Create-" is the fifteenth single by Japanese rock band Luna Sea, released on March 21, 2012.[1] It is their first single since reuniting in 2010 and their first since "Love Song", which was released over 11 years earlier. It debuted at number five on the Oricon Singles Chart and reached number 23 on Billboard Japan's Japan Hot 100.


Sugizo believes that it was because they were able to complete the challenging and "grand" "The One -Crash to Create-", that Luna Sea was able to create its follow up and "unquestionable rock 'n roll" songs "The End of the Dream" and "Rouge". He also stated that the track had a big influence on the band's first album in thirteen years, A Will.[2]

The single debuted at number five on the Oricon Singles Chart, selling close to 24,000 copies in its first week,[3][4] and charted for seven weeks.[5] It reached number 23 on Billboard Japan's Japan Hot 100.[6] It consists solely of the 23 minute title track. Four editions were released, each with a different cover; a normal CD, a , a Hybrid SACD, and a set including all three and a DVD.[7]

On March 8, the band held an event titled Full Moon Contact "The One" at United Cinemas Toyosu, where they debuted the song for the first time, it was broadcast live worldwide on Nico Nico Live and Ustream.[8] The song was then released exclusively on Luna Sea Mobile on March 14, before its general release. The first actual live performance of the song was for the special pay-per-view program Luna Sea TV Special -The End of the Dream-, which was broadcast on WOWOW on July 8, 2012, where the band performed without an audience.[9]

Track listing[]

Written and composed by Luna Sea.

  1. "The One -Crash to Create-" - 22:56
    Originally composed by J, Sugizo and Inoran. Originally written mainly by Ryuichi.


Luna Sea
  • d-kiku – manipulator
  • Takuya Hayama – piano
  • Tomoyuki Asakawa – harp
  • Yucca – backing vocals
  • Chiyomitsu Noguchi – strings
  • Ikuro Fujiwara – strings conductor


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