The Promised Land (Muzz album)

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The Promised Land
MUZZ The Promised Land.jpg
Studio album by
Released3 September 2020
GenreDrum and bass[1]
ProducerMustafa Alobaidi
Singles from The Promised Land
  1. "Nemesis"
    Released: 28 May 2020
  2. "Start Again"
    Released: 11 June 2020
  3. "Out There"
    Released: 25 June 2020
  4. "Somewhere Else"
    Released: 9 July 2020
  5. "Star Glide"
    Released: 23 July 2020
  6. "The Warehouse"
    Released: 5 August 2020

The Promised Land is the debut studio album by English drum and bass producer Muzz. It was released on 3 September 2020 by Monstercat.

The album was marketed with the release of six singles – "Nemesis",[1] "Start Again",[2] "Out There",[1] "Somewhere Else",[3] "Star Glide",[4] and "The Warehouse".


Muzz announced the album via a teaser posted to his social media platforms on 21 May 2020.[5]

On 1 September, Muzz premiered the album via a live performance streamed from the Bournemouth International Centre.[6]


The Promised Land was met with positive reception on release. Matthew Meadow from YourEDM praised the drum & bass musician for staying true to his musical style.[6] Oliver Tryon at Cultr also praised the album, stating there was "never a dull moment" especially through Muzz's production.[7]

Track listing[]

1."Valhalla" (Intro)2:36
3."Start Again"4:13
4."Out There" (featuring MVE)5:33
5."Born for This"4:54
6."Star Glide" (featuring Cammie Robinson)5:07
7."The Sanctuary"5:11
8."Salvation" (featuring Bloodhounds)5:14
9."The Warehouse" (featuring Pav4n and Miss Trouble)4:42
10."Somewhere Else" (featuring Danyka Nadeau)6:37
11."Catharsis" (featuring Koven)5:27
Total length:54:08


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