Triangle (Diaura album)

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Studio album by
ReleasedNovember 26, 2014
Diaura chronology
Singles from Triangle
  1. "Silent Majority"
    Released: July 9, 2014
  2. "Horizon (ホライゾン)"
    Released: July 9, 2014

Triangle is the third studio album by Japanese visual kei band Diaura, released on 26 November 2014, by Ains.[1][2] It debuted on Oricon's weekly chart at the 33rd place,[3] and at the 2nd place on the Indies albums chart.[4] Two singles were released prior to the album, in July 2014, titled "Silent Majority"[5] and "Horizon".[6] A third single titled "Blind Message" was also released on 3 September,[6] however, the song was not included in the album, only its music video was featured on the DVD extra of the B type release.[7]

Track listing[]

The album was released in three versions: besides a normal CD version, the A type included a DVD extra with concert footage, while the B type DVD included two music videos.[7]

All lyrics are written by yo-ka[5][8].

Normal CD
1."Triangle Vision (SE)"Kei1:45
4."Moratorium (モラトリアム)"Kei4:15
5."Shin sekai (新世界)"yo-ka3:52
7."Case of Massmurder"yo-ka4:34
8."Silent Majority"yo-ka3:40
9."Aria (アリア)"yo-ka3:38
10."Kairi (解離)"Kei5:11
11."Horizon (ホライゾン)"Kei4:46
12."Jikai (自壊)"Kei5:27
A type, DVD extra
1."Ains Presents Diaura 47 Todōfuken tandoku kōen Tour '2014 "Into the 'deep' Core~Awakening Menace~" Tour Ura Final 2014nen 08-tsuki 16-nichi (tsuchi) Shibuya Quattro (Ains Presents Diaura 47都道府県単独公演Tour'2014 「Into the【deep】Core~Awakening Menace~」Tour 裏Final 2014年08月16日(土)渋谷Quattro)" 
B type, DVD extra
1."Moratorium (モラトリアム)" (music video) 
2."Blind Message" (music video) 


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