Zakhar Dmitrievich Olsufiev

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Zakhar Dmitrievich Olsufiev
Olsufjev 1 Zahar Dmitrievich.jpg
Born10 September 1773 (1773-09-10)
Died20 March 1835 (1835-03-21) (aged 61)
Saint Petersburg
AllegianceRussia Russian Empire
Years of service1786–1820
RankLieutenant General
Commands held9th Infantry Corps

Zakhar Dmitrievich Olsufiev (Russian: Захар Дмитриевич Олсуфьев) (10 September 1773 – 20 March 1835) was a Russian infantry Lieutenant General during the reigns of tsars Paul I and Alexander I.

In 1805 he commanded a brigade at Austerlitz and in 1807 he was wounded at Eylau and Heilsberg. In 1812 he commanded the 17th Division at Borodino and Vyazma. After being promoted to head the 9th Infantry Corps, he fought at the Katzbach and Leipzig in 1813 and at Brienne and La Rothière in 1814. On 10 February 1814, he commanded a 5,000-man Russian infantry corps during the Battle of Champaubert in an attempt to stop a 30,000-man army under Napoleon. His small corps was effectively destroyed and he became a French prisoner of war.


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