2003 Meghalaya Legislative Assembly election

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2003 Meghalaya Legislative Assembly election

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All 60 seats in the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly
31 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party
  D. D. Lapang.png
Leader D. D. Lapang Donkupar Roy
Leader's seat Nongpoh
Last election 25 20
Seats won 22 9
Seat change Decrease3 Decrease11
Popular vote 270,269 144,255
Percentage 29.96 15.99
Swing Decrease5.07 Decrease11

Chief Minister before election

Flinder Anderson Khonglam

Elected Chief Minister

D. D. Lapang

The 2003 Meghalaya Legislative Assembly election was held on 26 February 2003. The north-east Indian state's seventh Legislative Assembly election saw major changes with 28 sitting members and two former Chief Ministers losing their seats.[1] The election also produced the largest representation for the national parties (Indian National Congress INC, the Nationalist Congress Party NCP and the Bharatiya Janata Party BJP) and, to that point, the smallest representation for the regional parties.[2] No party won a majority of seats and despite more than a five percent loss in the popular vote compared to the 1998 election, the INC secured a plurality. Initially, the NCP under leader E. D. Marak attempted to form a government, but failed to secure support for a majority.[3] Subsequently, D. D. Lapang was invited by Governor M. M. Jacob to present a majority, which was successfully achieved through the formation of the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) coalition.[3] Made up of 42 members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs), the MDA consisted of the INC, the United Democratic Party (UDP), the Meghalaya Democratic Party (MDP), the Khun Hynniewtrep National Awakening Movement (KHNAM) and three independents.[1] D.D. Lapang was confirmed as Chief Minister with Donkupar Roy of the UPD as Deputy Chief Minister.[1]


Summary of the 23 February 2003 Meghalaya Legislative Assembly election results
Parties and coalitions Popular vote Seats
Votes % ±pp Won +/−
Indian National Congress (INC) 270,269 29.96 5.07 Decrease 22 3 Decrease
Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) 174,972 19.40 14
United Democratic Party (UDP) 144,255 15.99 11 Decrease 9 11 Decrease
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) 48,932 5.42 0.41 Decrease 2 1 Decrease
Meghalaya Democratic Party (MDP) 47,852 5.31 4
Hill State People's Democratic Party (HPDP/HSPDP) 44,520 4.94 1.83 Decrease 2 1 Decrease
Khun Hynnieutrip National Awakaning Movement 32,677 3.62 2
Garo National Council (GNC) 8,483 0.94 1.17 Decrease 0 1 Decrease
People's Democratic Movement (PDM) 16,245 1.80 5.15 Decrease 0 3 Decrease
Khasi Farmers Democratic Party (KFDP) 2,478 0.27 0
Communist Party of India 551 0.06 0.11 Decrease 0 Steady
Samata Party (SAP) 811 0.09 0
Samajwadi Party (SP) 245 0.03 0.06 Decrease 0 Steady
Independents (IND) 109,686 12.16 4.0 Decrease 5 Steady
Total 901,976 100.00 60 ±0
Source: Election Commission of India[4]

Elected Members[]

Constituency Reserved for
Member Party
War-jaintia ST Shri. Riang Lenon Tariang United Democratic Party
Rymbai ST Nehlang Lyngdoh Indian National Congress
Sutnga-shangpung ST Shitlang Pale Indian National Congress
Raliang ST Shri. Mihsalan Suchiang United Democratic Party
Nartiang ST Shri. Draison Kharshiing Meghalaya Democratic Party
Nongbah-wahiajer ST Shri. Kyrmen Susngi United Democratic Party
Jowai ST Shri. Singh Mulieh United Democratic Party
Mawhati ST Shri. Phingwell Muktieh Indian National Congress
Umroi ST Shri. Stanlywiss Rymbai Indian National Congress
Nongpoh ST Shri. D.d.lapang Indian National Congress
Jirang ST Shri. J.dringwel Rymbai Indian National Congress
Mairang ST Shri. Boldness L.nongrum Indian National Congress
Nongspung ST Shri. John Anthony Lyngdoh United Democratic Party
Sohiong ST Shri. H.donkupar R. Lyngdoh Indian National Congress
Mylliem ST Shri. Pynshai M. Syiem Independent
Malki-nongthymmai ST Shri. Tony Curtis Lyngdoh Indian National Congress
Laitumkhirah ST Shri. Robert Garnett Lyngdoh Indian National Congress
Pynthorumkhrah None Shri. A.l.hek Bharatiya Janata Party
Jaiaw ST Shri. Paul Lyngdoh Khun Hynnieutrip National Awakaning Movement
Mawkhar ST Shri. Friday Lyngdoh Indian National Congress
Mawprem None Shri. Ardhendu Choudhuri Nationalist Congress Party
Laban None Shri. Thrang Hok Rangad Bharatiya Janata Party
Mawlai ST Shri. Process T.sawkmie Meghalaya Democratic Party
Sohryngkham ST Shri. Charles Pyngrope Indian National Congress
Dienglieng ST Martle Mukhim Meghalaya Democratic Party
Nongkrem ST Shri. Lambor Malngiang Khun Hynnieutrip National Awakaning Movement
Lyngkyrdem ST Shri. Prestone Tynsong Indian National Congress
Nongshken ST Shri. Khan Khongdkhar Indian National Congress
Sohra ST Dr. Flinder Anderson Khonglam Hill State People's Democratic Party
Shella ST Donkupar Roy United Democratic Party
Mawsynram ST Shri. D.plaslanding Iangjuh Meghalaya Democratic Party
Mawkyrwat ST Shri. B.bires Nongsiej United Democratic Party
Pariong ST Smti. Irin Lyngdoh Indian National Congress
Nongstoin ST Shri. Hopingstone Lyngdoh Hill State People's Democratic Party
Langrin ST Shri. Martin M.danggo Indian National Congress
Mawthengkut ST Shri Francis Pondit R. Sangma Independent
Baghmara ST Shri Sengran Sangma Indian National Congress
Rongrenggiri ST Smti Debora C. Marak Indian National Congress
Rongjeng ST Shri Predickson G. Momin Independent
Kharkutta ST Shri Elstone D. Marak Nationalist Congress Party
Mendipathar ST Shri Beninstand G. Momin United Democratic Party
Resubelpara ST Shri Timothy Shira Nationalist Congress Party
Songsak ST Shri Heltone N Marak United Democratic Party
Bajengdoba ST Shri John Manner Marak Nationalist Congress Party
Tikrikilla ST Shri Monindra Rabha Nationalist Congress Party
Dadenggiri ST Shri Edmund K Sangma Nationalist Congress Party
Rongchugiri ST Shri Beckstar Sangma Nationalist Congress Party
Phulbari None Shri Manirul Islam Sarkar Indian National Congress
Rajabala ST Shri Sayeedullah Nongrum Indian National Congress
Selsella ST Shri Cyprian R. Sangma Nationalist Congress Party
Rongram ST Shri Sengman R. Marak Independent
Tura ST Shri Billykid Sangma Independent
Chokpot ST Shri Masonsing M. Sangma Nationalist Congress Party
Kherapara ST Shri Brening A. Sangma Nationalist Congress Party
Dalu ST Shri Samuel Sangma Nationalist Congress Party
Dalamgiri ST Shri Admiral Sangma Nationalist Congress Party
Rangsakona ST Shri Zenith M Sangma Indian National Congress
Ampatigiri ST Dr. Mukul Sangma Indian National Congress
Salmanpura ST Shri. Gopinath Sangma Nationalist Congress Party
Mahendraganj None Shri Nidhu Ram Hajong Nationalist Congress Party


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