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Live album by
Released6 August 2005
Recorded20–21 April 2005, at City Harvest Church in Singapore
GenreContemporary Christian
ProducerExecutive Producers: Kong Hee, Ho Yeow Sun
Producers: ,

Cross is the fifth live praise and worship album from City Harvest Church in Singapore.[1]


The album was recorded in the church's premises located at Jurong West St 91. There was more than 2000 members in the main auditorium present for the live recording, which took place over two days.

Executive Producer Ho Yeow Sun was the main worship leader for the project, along with , and leading some songs.[1]

Track listing[]

The album consists of two discs, with 15 live-recorded songs, and 3 bonus studio-recorded songs.

Disc 1:

  1. "Yours Is The Kingdom" (Gan Khek Chyan)
  2. "Free" (Gan Khek Chyan)
  3. "Hold Me Close" (Gan Khek Chyan)
  4. "One" (Mark Kwan, Gan Khek Chyan)
  5. "One2" (Mark Kwan, Gan Khek Chyan)
  6. "Cry" (Gloria Lim, Gan Khek Chyan)
  7. "Refuge" (Ho Yeow Sun, Mark Kwan)
  8. "Holy" (Mark Kwan, William Ng)

Disc 2:

  1. "In the Name of Jesus" (Gan Khek Chyan)
  2. "Extraordinary" (Mark Kwan, Daniel Pringle, Leah Pringle)
  3. "Call Upon" (Mark Kwan)
  4. "My Source" (Gloria Lim, Gan Khek Chyan)
  5. "I Give" (Ho Yeow Sun, David Yem)
  6. "Come Holy Spirit" (Caroline Tjen)
  7. "Crossing Over" (Gloria Lim, Gan Khek Chyan)

Studio-Recorded Songs:

  1. "I Believe" (Gan Khek Chyan)
  2. "Breathe" (Gan Khek Chyan)
  3. "Heart After You" (Mark Kwan, Caroline Tjen)

DVD Edition[]

The DVD edition of Cross features the 14 praise and worship songs, live from the main auditorium of City Harvest Church. The songs are subtitled into English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Indonesian and Japanese and can be played in the following sound formats: DTS, Dolby Digital 5.1 and Stereo.

The DVD extras feature behind the scenes footage of the live recording and post-production, as well as interviews with members of the Cross production team.[1]


The album was produced by and from Christian City Churches, Australia.

The studio-recorded songs and post-production was mainly done in the United States. The studio engineers for the project were , and from Los Angeles, California. The Mixing Engineer in charge of Dolby Digital 5.1 was . The audio was mastered by . Both are from Los Angeles, California.[2]

Views on Cross[]

With the revelation of the cross in our hearts, we are to penetrate popular culture with an effective combination of godliness, relevance, unbridled excitement and the presence of God. Through heartfelt worship and anointed music, we are to powerfully influence and transform the society we live in.

— Kong Hee and Ho Yeow Sun, Executive Producers of Cross, Harvest Times, January–March 2006 Issue

We want church music to cross over and impact the marketplace in the area of arts and the media. So that as a church, we can be relevant to society and we can touch the hearts and spirits of both young and old and through that, allow them to feel the anointing and feel the heart of God wants to say to the heart of the world, through the church.

— David Yem, Music Director of City Harvest Church, Harvest Times, January–March 2006 Issue

Our ultimate goal is we want the presence of God to be on the CD and people's lives to be changed. This record carries a really strong God-vibe that will help people in their lives... It has a grace and happiness to it and it is empowering and healing.

— Daniel Pringle and Leah Pringle, Producers of Cross, Harvest Times, January–March 2006 Issue


Cross is sold and distributed in Singapore by Universal Music Group in secular music stores like HMV, and , Christian bookstores like , Mt Zion, True Vine, Crest, Faith, Hope and Love and , as well as the church's own bookstore Attributes.

Cross is also sold in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia.[1]

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