Georges Lemmen

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Georges Lemmen
Georges Lemmen -.jpg
Born25 November 1865
Schaerbeek, Belgium
Died5 June or 5 July 1916
Brussels, Belgium
Known forpainting
Notable work
The Beach at Heist, Aline Marechal, Vase of Flowers
MovementNeo-impressionism, Post-Impressionism, modern art
Exhibition poster for La Libre Esthétique, Designed by Georges Lemmen, 1910

Georges Lemmen (1865–1916) was a neo-impressionist painter from Belgium. He was a member of Les XX from 1888.[1] His works include The Beach at Heist, Aline Marechal and Vase of Flowers. Yvonne Serruys studied in his workshop in Brussels from 1892 to 1894.


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