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Jamie Raines
Personal information
Born (1994-02-19) 19 February 1994 (age 27)
Colchester, Essex, England
OccupationPsychologist, YouTube personality
YouTube information
Years active2011–present
GenreLGBTQIA+, commentary
Subscribers846 thousand[3]
Total views106.0 million[1][3]
Associated actsNoah Finnce, Jessica Kellgren-Fozard
Catchphrase(s)"Dinosaurs are cool, transphobia is not"[2]

Updated: 14 September 2021

Jamie Anthony Raines[4][5] (born 19 February 1994[6]) is an English YouTuber, research psychologist and LGBT advocate.[7] His videos include commentary on gender identity and other LGBTQ+ issues as well as general lifestyle topics. Raines is a trans man and has documented his gender transition, including the effects of hormone replacement therapy and gender confirmation surgery.[8] His channel, Jammidodger, has over 800,000 subscribers.[1]

Early and personal life[]

Raines is from Colchester in Essex. He attended St Mary's School in Colchester.[7] He has chosen not to share his birth name or deadname, because he has mentioned that he remains uncomfortable with sharing it.[9]

Raines recalls feeling like a boy from age four and realised that he was transgender at age 16.[8] He describes his family and close friends as being immediately supportive and choosing the name Jamie with their help.[10] In order to document the physical changes he underwent during his transition, Raines took a photograph of himself each day for three years.[11]

Raines is engaged to fellow YouTuber Shaaba Lotun.[12][13][14] Both are bisexual.[15] The two met in a college art class and had become close friends prior to Raines' transition.[8] When Raines came out, Lotun's family were initially very disapproving of their relationship but are now far more accepting.[12] Each makes semi-regular appearances on the other's YouTube channel.[16]

Raines received his Gender Recognition Certificate late in 2019, which allows him to be recognised as a man in marriage.[17] He describes this as marking the end of his transition process.[18] The couple had planned to marry in 2020 but chose to delay the wedding as COVID-19 travel restrictions would have prevented members of Lotun's Mauritian extended family from attending.[19]



Raines started the YouTube channel Jammidodger in 2011.[1] The title is a reference to his name and to Jammie Dodgers, a popular type of biscuit in the UK.[citation needed] Having found YouTube videos to be a useful resource when discovering his own gender identity, he started the channel to provide a UK perspective on the transition process as well as to document the process for himself.[8]

Over time the channel has evolved to cover broader LGBT+ issues and also more general lifestyle content such as reacting to internet memes and subreddits, and reviewing cat toys.[20] Raines was prominent among the many YouTubers to make videos criticising the views about trans people expressed by J. K. Rowling.[21]

In 2020, both Raines and Lotun made videos as part of Southend Council's Protect Your Fam project to encourage social distancing, hand-washing and mask wearing during the COVID-19 pandemic.[22]

In addition to frequently appearing in videos with his fiancée, Shaaba Lotun, Raines has made videos collaborating with other YouTubers such as Jessica Kellgren-Fozard and Noah Finnce.


Raines has a master's degree[7] and a PhD, in Psychology from the University of Essex. He was awarded his doctorate in 2021.[23][24] He has conducted research into the sexual response of transgender men[25] as well as other topics related to gender and sexuality.[26]


Raines series of daily selfies, which he took during three years of his gender transition, were compiled into a 20-second montage for the Channel 4 television documentary Girls To Men[20][11][27]

Raines was featured in the Channel 4 documentary series Bride and Prejudice covering the tensions within Lotun's family in the run up to their engagement.[7]


Raines was a finalist in the LGBTQ+ Account section at the 12th Shorty Awards.[2]


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