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Cherry Tree Park
2019-05-04 Kirsikkapuisto 6.jpg
00820 Helsinki Finland
Coordinates60°11′43″N 25°02′57″E / 60.1952812°N 25.0490803°E / 60.1952812; 25.0490803Coordinates: 60°11′43″N 25°02′57″E / 60.1952812°N 25.0490803°E / 60.1952812; 25.0490803
Area57 242 m2
Operated byHelsinki Stara

Kirsikkapuisto (English: Cherry Tree Park, Swedish: Körsbärsträdsparken) opened in 2007[1] in the Roihuvuori district of Helsinki, and is part of the Roihuvuori green area.[2] The southern area has a fenced off dog park.[3] In the dog park are wooden statues of dogs and a tree with a cat in it. The city department that maintains these statues has now closed and the statues are being removed as they deteriorate.[4] There are about 150 Cherry trees in the park that were planted following sponsorship from the Japanese community in Helsinki.[5] In the Spring the Japanese festival of Hanami is celebrated when the trees blossom.[6][7]


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