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Manuel Alonso Corral
Peter II, second Pope of the
Palmarian Catholic Church
Manuel Alonso Corral (Pole Peter II).jpg
ChurchPalmarian Catholic Church
Papacy began22 March 2005
Papacy ended15 July 2011
PredecessorGregory XVII (Palmarian claimant)
SuccessorGregory XVIII (Palmarian claimant)
Opposed toJohn Paul II
Benedict XVI
Personal details
Birth nameManuel Alonso Corral
Died15 July 2011
Ordination history
Episcopal consecration
Consecrated byNgo Dinh Thuc
Date11 January 1976

Manuel Alonso Corral (1934 – 15 July 2011), known by his supporters as Pope Peter II, was the leader of the Palmarian Catholic Church, a mysticalist group not recognised by the Catholic Church, from 2005 to 2011.

Corral was a skilled, affluent lawyer, but he left his legal practice to join Clemente Domínguez y Gómez, who founded the Carmelite Order of the Holy Face in 1975.

Corral was ordained priest and bishop by Catholic Archbishop Pierre Martin Ngô Đình Thục in 1976 along with Domínguez and three others (these three others had already been Catholic priests for many years). Archbishop Thuc and the five new bishops were excommunicated by Pope Paul VI for consecrating bishops without the Holy See's approval. Thuc recanted and repudiated his consecrations for the Palmar-based Carmelite Order of the Holy Face. He asked Pope Paul VI to be forgiven and was absolved of all ecclesial penalties in 1976, until 1981 when he was again excommunicated by Pope John Paul II for illicit consecrations.

In 1978, Domínguez claimed that Jesus Christ created him pope in 1978 in a mystical vision and transformed the Order into the Palmarian Catholic Church. Domínguez, now called Pope Gregory XVII, named Corral Cardinal Secretary of State of their church and named him his successor in 2000. This appointment – instead of leaving this decision to a Palmarian College of Cardinals – contributed to a rift in the church.[1]

Upon Domínguez's death in 2005, Corral succeeded him as Pope Peter II and headed the Palmarian Catholic Church until his own death in 2011.


In the 1986 Spanish film , Manuel is played by .[2]


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Religious titles
Preceded by
Clemente Domínguez y Gómez
Gregory XVII
Palmarian Pope
Succeeded by
Sergio María
Gregory XVIII
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