Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee

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Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee
Directed byDarbuka Siva
Written byDarbuka Siva
Produced bySameer Bharat Ram
Music byDarbuka Siva
Super Talkies

Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee (transl. You are the beginning as well as the end) also known as MNMN is an upcoming Indian Tamil-language musical drama film written and directed by Darbuka Siva, in his directorial debut, who also scored music for the film. Produced by Sameer Bharat Ram, the film features a predominantly new cast and crew.


  • Amritha Mandarine as Anu
  • Purva Raghunath as Catherine
  • Harish Kumar as Chinese
  • Sharan Kumar as Durai
  • Rahul Kannan as Francis
  • Manjunath as Naushad
  • Meetha Raghunath as Rekha
  • Varun Rajan as Richard
  • Goutham CSV as Su
  • Sacchin Nachiappan as Srivats
  • Naren Vijay as Thirumal
  • Harini Ramesh Krishnan as Vicky
  • Kishen Das as Vinoth



"I had this idea in my head and started writing it down. I didn’t even write it as a movie script as such. It was only later that I turned it into a proper film script. It was a very organic process".

Darbuka Siva, in an interview with The Times of India[1]

In April 2018, music director Darbuka Siva announced his debut as a director, with the project being produced by Sameer Bharat Ram of Super Talkies.[1] Stating about his directorial debut with his original script, Siva stated that he had working experience because he has worked extensively with budding directors, also adding that he will simultaneously continue to compose music for other films.[1] Sameer described it as "coming-of-age film featuring a bunch of new talent", adding that a casting call for the film had been put on social media.[2]


The makers officially announced the film with a tentative title #MNMN on May 2019,[3] with a principal launch also held the same day.[4] On August 2019, the makers had completed the first schedule of shooting, which was held predominantly in and around Chennai.[5] The shooting of the film got wrapped on November 2019.[6] On 4 November 2019, a day after the film's shooting got completed, Darbuka Siva announced the major technicians of the film's crew members;[7] with himself composing the music, he also brought the key technicians of the film, which included Sujith Sarang, Sreejith Sarang, Thamarai as the cinematographer, editor and lyricist along with other crew members,[8] and on 8 November, the makers officially announced the film's title as Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee,[9] derived from one of the verses of his composition "Maruvaarthai" from Enai Noki Paayum Thotta (2019).[10]

Initial filming began in the summer of 2019 in a school in Nungambakkam, with the majority of the portions being filmed there. Since the film is set in the 90’s the true challenge was to revisit and recreate locations as they were back then. Being an indie film, the biggest challenge was the aforementioned. The director also mentioned that a lot of work went into the smaller details like the costumes of each character, eliminating modern elements from the frame and getting the vibe and tone as close as possible to the 90s. The crew took a break post the first schedule in the summer and resumed production in August 2019. Filming was completed in December 2019 and then the post-production work was started in January 2020.



Darbuka Siva announced a unique promotional campaign to introduce the lead characters of the film through social media platforms.[11] Starting from the occasion of Children's Day (14 November 2019), twelve lead characters and their names were announced by the film's team.[11][12][13]


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