TV Cidade Fortaleza

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ZYP 267
Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil
ChannelsDigital: 32 (UHF)
Virtual: 8.1
BrandingTV Cidade
OwnerGrupo Cidade
(TV Cidade de Fortaleza Ltda.)
FoundedAugust 30, 1978
Former call signs
ZYA 427 (1978-2018)
SBT (1982–98)
Band (1981–87)

TV Cidade (City TV from Portuguese) is a TV station in Fortaleza, Brazil, owned by Grupo Cidade de Comunicação. It acts as RecordTV's affiliate in Ceará.


On August 30 of 1978, went on the air TV Uirapuru, which broadcast its signal on channel 8. Shortly afterwards, on December the same year, businessman Miguel Dias de Sousa officialized acquired 50% of the station. In March 1979, the rest was purchased in its entirety.

In June 1981, born TV Cidade de Fortaleza. The station was affiliated with Rede Bandeirantes and all-day broadcast television programming from São Paulo.

In 1982, the station also began broadcasting the programming of TVS. From Monday to Saturday, programming of the Rede Bandeirantes remained while on Sunday it gave way to the (Silvio Santos Show), which led the ratings in the country.

In 1987, the station closed affiliation agreement with SBT. The TV Cidade was known for producing police programs, leading the ratings in Ceará.

The station chairman, Miguel Dias announced in 1998, that TV Cidade to be affiliated by Rede Record, which was expanding by all Brazil.

After 15 years of affiliation with Record, TV Cidade celebrates an excellent growth and is the leader and deputy leader in audience in Ceará. The station invested in good staff in journalism and entertainment, becoming one of the major affiliates of Rede Record.

TV Shows[]

In addition to relaying the national programming of Record, TV Cidade shows the following programs:

  • Balanço Geral CE Manhã: journalistic, with Luciana Ribeiro;
  • CE no Ar: newscast , with Alexandre Medeiros and Adriana Dias;
  • Cidade 190: police journalist , com Evaldo Costa and Márcio Lopes;
  • Balanço Geral CE: journalistic, com Erlan Bastos and Mayara Lorenna;
  • Cidade Alerta Ceará: police journalist , with Ísis Cidade and Ronaldo Martins;
  • Jornal da Cidade: newscast , with Bianca Saraiva and Cacá Monteiro;
  • Corpo e Estilo de Vida: with Cleane and José Fontenele;
  • Atualiza Aí: with Fernanda Levy;
  • Viver Pela Fé: with Ana Clara Rocha;
  • CE no Ar Especial : newscast, with Adriana Dias
  • Fabricando empreendedores [1]


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Coordinates: 3°44′53″S 38°30′6″W / 3.74806°S 38.50167°W / -3.74806; -38.50167

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