Vânători-Neamț Natural Park

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Vânători-Neamț Natural Park
Parcul Natural Vânători Neamț
IUCN category V (protected landscape/seascape)
Wildlife in Vanatori-Neamt Natural Park, Romania.jpg
Vânători Park
Map showing the location of Vânători-Neamț Natural Park
Map showing the location of Vânători-Neamț Natural Park
Location within Romania
LocationNeamț County, Romania
Nearest cityTârgu Neamț
Coordinates47°09′18″N 26°12′07″E / 47.155°N 26.202°E / 47.155; 26.202Coordinates: 47°09′18″N 26°12′07″E / 47.155°N 26.202°E / 47.155; 26.202[1]
Area306.31 km2 (118.27 sq mi)

The Vânători-Neamț Natural Park (Romanian: Parcul Natural Vânători-Neamț) is situated in north-east Romania, in Neamț County, on the border with Suceava County. It lies on the administrative territories of the communes Agapia, Bălțătești, Brusturi, Crăcăoani, Vânători-Neamț, Răucești, Boroaia (Suceava), and the town of Târgu Neamț.[2]

The park is situated in the Eastern Carpathian Foothills, at the foot of the  [ro], and is crossed by the rivers Cracău and Ozana.[2]

Vânători Park is one of the few places where the European bison (Bison bonasus) can be seen. There are 17 such zimbrii in a protected 180 ha (440 acres) area in Vânători-Neamț commune.[2] The aurochs head ("cap de bour" in Romanian) is the heraldic symbol of the historical province of Moldavia, although the aurochs (now extinct) was a separate species from the European bison.



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