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Chad Peralta
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Richard Edward Peralta[fn 1]

Other namesChad, Chad Peralta, Richard Peralta
FamilyChristopher Peralta
Raymond Peralta
Charlie Peralta
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Richard Edward Peralta,[fn 1][1] also known as Chad Peralta or Chad[1] only, is a singer and actor from the Philippines. He is a Filipino-Australian born in Sydney, Australia.[2]


Although Peralta was an information technology consultant, he is a musician who had already composed and written several songs in Tagalog and English. He learned to play classic guitar at the age of twelve.[2]

As an artist[]

Peralta first appeared on Philippine television at the Season 1 airing of Pinoy Dream Academy, among co-participants Panky Trinidad, Irish Fullerton, Jay-R Siaboc, Ronnie Liang, and Yeng Constantino.[2]

Through ABS-CBN's Pinoy Dream Academy, Peralta was able to pursue his career as a musician in the Philippines. While participating in the reality-oriented program, Peralta underwent training and undergone experiences in improving his talent in singing. After several weeks, Nugen Music released his album composed of eleven of his songs, namely: "Promise", "Song for You", "Time Machine", "My Eyes Adored You", "Kasalanan", "Where Do I Begin?", "Realist", "I’ll Do Anything for You", "Kung Pwede Lang Sana", "I Don’t Know", and the acoustic version of "Song for You". His songs use the pop rock and alternative pop genre, yet maintain the "mood of the song".[2]


Among Peralta's songs are the following:[2]

  • "Kasalanan"
  • "Realist"
  • "Tired of You"
  • "Kung Pwede Lang Sana"
  • "Song for You"
  • "Where Do I Begin?"
  • "My Eyes Adored You"
  • "Time Machine"


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