Ostandari Isfahan

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Agency overview
JurisdictionIsfahan Province
Headquarters32°39′21″N 51°40′20″E / 32.65583°N 51.67222°E / 32.65583; 51.67222 Ostandari street
Parent departmentMinistry of Interior (Iran)

Isfahan Province Governorate is the representative office of Government of Islamic Republic of Iran in Isfahan province. Its secretariat is located in Isfahan city.[1]


Isfahan is in region two according to regions of Iran.In May 2020 in Islamic Consultative Assembly there was a discussion that counties, Kashan, Khansar, Naein, Golpayegan, Ardestan, Aran va bidgol, Natanz and Khur and biabanak, seceded create a North Isfahan Province called Golsaran.[2][3]

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