1963 Kenyan general election

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1963 Kenyan general election
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Party Leader % Seats +/–
House of Representatives
KANU Jomo Kenyatta 53.60 83 +64
KADU Ronald Ngala 25.83 33 +22
APP Paul Ngei 7.43 20 New
KANU Jomo Kenyatta 59.18 18 New
KADU Ronald Ngala 27.31 16 New
APP Paul Ngei 8.46 2 New
NPAU 1 New
Independent 4.73 1 New
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Prime Minister before Prime Minister after election
Jomo Kenyatta
Jomo Kenyatta

General elections were held in Kenya Colony between 18 and 26 May 1963. Voters elected members of the House of Representatives and Senate. The election was the last before independence later in the year.

The result was a victory for the Kenya African National Union (KANU), which won 83 of the 124 seats in the House of Representatives and 18 of the 38 seats in the Senate. Five seats in the House and three in the Senate remained unfilled due to a secessionist conflict on the border with Somalia.[1]


A total of 275 candidates contested the elections for the House of Representatives; 90 from KANU, 59 from the Kenya African Democratic Union (KADU), 20 from the African People's Party (APP), five from the Baluhya Political Union (BPU), three from the Coast People's Party and 98 independents.[2]

KADU, the APP and the BPU agreed to work together to try to defeat KANU.[2]


Pre-election violence occurred in Kangundo when a group of Kamba attacked KANU supporters, injuring fourteen people.[2] Eleven people were arrested after KADU supporters were attacked outside party offices in Kitale.[2]


House of Representatives[]

Kenya African National Union988,31153.60721183+64
Kenya African Democratic Union476,21825.8332133+22
African People's Party137,0087.43808New
Baluhya Political Union14,8960.81000−1
Coast People's Party9,1350.500000
Registered voters/turnout2,583,000
Source: EISA, Sternberger et al.[3]


The Nyanza Province African Union won its seat unopposed, whilst KANU (five) and KADU (four) won a further nine unopposed.[3]

Kenya African National Union1,028,90659.1818
Kenya African Democratic Union474,93327.3116
African People's Party147,0398.462
Baluhya Political Union5,5200.320
Nyanza Province African Union1
Valid votes1,738,72699.56
Invalid/blank votes7,6620.44
Total votes1,746,388100.00
Registered voters/turnout2,583,00067.61
Source: EISA


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