List of State Register of Heritage Places in the Shire of Dundas

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The State Register of Heritage Places is maintained by the Heritage Council of Western Australia. As of 2021, 77 places are heritage-listed in the Shire of Dundas,[1] of which seven are on the State Register of Heritage Places.[2]


The Western Australian State Register of Heritage Places, as of 2021, lists the following seven state registered places within the Shire of Dundas:

Place name Place # Street number Street name Suburb or town Co-ordinates Notes & former names Photo
Balladonia Telegraph Station 761 Eyre Highway Balladonia 32°27′52″S 123°51′44″E / 32.464475°S 123.862242°E / -32.464475; 123.862242 (Balladonia Telegraph Station) Eyre Telegraph Station
Holy Trinity Church, Norseman 762 100 Angove Street Norseman 32°12′00″S 121°46′40″E / 32.200045°S 121.77777°E / -32.200045; 121.77777 (Holy Trinity Church, Norseman)
Norseman Post Office 767 82 Prinsep Street Norseman 32°11′53″S 121°46′46″E / 32.19805°S 121.779317°E / -32.19805; 121.779317 (Norseman Post Office) Norseman Post Office 2012.JPG
Eucla Telegraph Station 3558 Eucla 31°42′51″S 128°53′11″E / 31.714066°S 128.886454°E / -31.714066; 128.886454 (Eucla Telegraph Station) Eucla Telegraph Station, 2017 (02).jpg
Eucla Jetty (Ruins), Abutment & Beach Landing (Remains) 4222 on the beach 5 km south of Eucla Eucla 31°43′22″S 128°53′14″E / 31.722711°S 128.887127°E / -31.722711; 128.887127 (Eucla Jetty) Old Wooden Jetty - panoramio.jpg
Doctor's House (former), Norseman 10120 66 Talbot Street Norseman 32°11′56″S 121°46′15″E / 32.198865°S 121.770729°E / -32.198865; 121.770729 (Doctor's House (former), Norseman) Destroyed by fire in July 2008 and demolished in 2009
Eyre Bird Observatory 16522 45km SE of Cocklebiddy Roadhouse Cocklebiddy 32°14′47″S 126°18′06″E / 32.246389°S 126.3016677°E / -32.246389; 126.3016677 (Eyre Bird Observatory) Eyre Telegraph Station, Eyres Sand Patch Telegraph Station Eyre-telegraph-station.jpg


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