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Music of Final Fantasy XIV

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The music for the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV was composed by Nobuo Uematsu, a regular contributor to the music of the Final Fantasy series. Several other composers including Masayoshi Soken and Naoshi Mizuta contributed music for updates to the game. The music for the game's reboot, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, was primarily composed by Soken, who was the sound director for both releases of the game. Music from both releases of the game has been released in several albums, though no album contains music from both XIV and A Realm Reborn. A pair of mini-albums containing a handful of selected tracks from XIV, Final Fantasy XIV: Battle Tracks and Final Fantasy XIV: Field Tracks, were released by Square Enix in 2010 when XIV first launched. A soundtrack album titled Final Fantasy XIV - Eorzean Frontiers, containing most of the music that had been released by that point for XIV, was digitally released in 2012. A final soundtrack album for the original release of the game, Before Meteor: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack, was released in 2013 just before the launch of A Realm Reborn, and contains all of the music that was composed for XIV throughout its lifetime. The latest soundtrack album, Shadowbringers: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack, was released in 2019. This album contains the music for the third expansion, Shadowbringers, and music from the previous expansion, Stormblood, that was added to the game via patches after the release of that expansion's soundtrack.

The soundtracks for both releases of the game were well received by critics. Uematsu's mix of orchestral and rock tracks for XIV were praised, though the delayed release of a full album drew criticism. Soken's work on A Realm Reborn, including both his original tracks as well as themes carried over from XIV and previous Final Fantasy games, were heavily praised by reviewers for the game. Music from the initial release of the game has been played in the international Distant Worlds Final Fantasy concert series, and books of sheet music for piano arrangements of music from the game have been produced.

Creation and influence[]

Composer Nobuo Uematsu in 2006

The massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Final Fantasy XIV was released in two versions: the original (live between 2010 and 2012), and its remake (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, live since 2013). The music for XIV was composed by Nobuo Uematsu, who was the lead composer for the first ten main Final Fantasy games and a contributor to the Final Fantasy XI and XII soundtracks.[1] Over the two years that XIV was active, several updates were made to the game, which included additional music composed by Masayoshi Soken, Naoshi Mizuta, Tsuyoshi Sekito and Ryo Yamazaki.[2] XIV was poorly received, and despite the updates, Square Enix decided to take the game offline for a time, and relaunch it with a new development team under a new name.[3] Soken, the sound director for both releases, composed the soundtrack to A Realm Reborn.[4]

Prior to agreeing to create XIV's score, Uematsu had already planned to compose "Kimi ga Iru Kara", the theme song for Final Fantasy XIII. Wanting him to fully focus on XIV, Square Enix asked XIII's main composer Masashi Hamauzu to write the song instead. Thus, XIII was the first main-series Final Fantasy game soundtrack to not include Uematsu's work.[5] Despite XIV being an MMO and thus a new genre for him, Uematsu treated it as any other video game project. Compared to his previous work within the series, Uematsu had considerable creative freedom while composing the soundtrack, because the rest of the production team did not fully envision beforehand how the soundtrack would sound or fit into the game. Uematsu created a mixture of orchestral and rock pieces for the game's battle themes. There was a momentary crisis when he lost most of the data for his completed tracks and needed to hire a data recovery service.[6] He worked as a freelance composer during the project for Square Enix, also composing the music for The Last Story, a game from Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi.[7] The game's theme song, "Answers", was sung by Susan Calloway. She was chosen by Uematsu, who had worked with her during the first Distant Worlds concert and was impressed by her singing abilities.[8]

For A Realm Reborn, Soken was the primary composer, in addition to reprising his XIV role as lead sound director. The primary goal given to the music team was to make the music true to the series. Naoki Yoshida, the game's producer and director, told Soken to "give [the team] something straightforward that anyone could identify as Final Fantasy, with an easy-to-understand, expressive orchestral sound".[9] Soken focused primarily on creating the soundtrack rather than his sound director role. He often created new tracks due to requests from staff members. As the game was developed and released in a shorter timeframe than the original release, Soken and the sound team were given less than a year to create both the music and the various sound effects for the game world. According to Soken, it felt like "enough work for two full games in that time".[9] Unlike the freedom given Uematsu for XIV, most of the tracks for A Realm Reborn had specific guidelines, though Soken was allowed to "do what [he liked]" for Titan's battle theme.[10] Soken sang the vocal work for some tracks, such as the battle theme for Leviathan.[11] Several themes and tracks from the original game were carried over both directly and as a part of new tracks in A Realm Reborn, including the original vocal theme.[12] Soken also remixed pieces from earlier Final Fantasy games for use in special in-game events.[10]

Original release[]


Final Fantasy XIV: Battle Tracks
Final Fantasy XIV: Field Tracks
Soundtrack album by
ReleasedSeptember 29, 2010
GenreVideo game soundtrack
Length34:36 (Battle Tracks)
45:05 (Field Tracks)

The mini-albums Final Fantasy XIV: Battle Tracks and Final Fantasy XIV: Field Tracks were the first releases of music from the game, and were published by Square Enix on September 29, 2010, a week after the game itself was released. They feature selected tracks from XIV. The music was composed by Uematsu and arranged by Tsutomu Narita. Kenichiro Fukui also helped arrange some of the pieces on the Field Tracks mini-album. Battle Tracks has nine pieces, and includes the game's opening theme, the boss theme "Nail of the Heavens", and Final Fantasy XIV's rendition of Uematsu's "Victory Fanfare".[13] Field Tracks predominantly features the main themes for the game's countries Ul'dah, Gridania and Limsa Lominsa, along with other pieces of music heard during traveling, for a total of eight tracks.[14] Each mini-album was accompanied by special liner notes by Uematsu describing his experiences writing music for the series, with particular reference to the first game.[15][16]

Patrick Gann of RPGFan termed the mini-albums as a good return work from Uematsu despite some of the unexpected battle tracks, though he questioned whether the discs themselves would be worth purchasing once a full soundtrack album was released.[13][14] Jayson Napolitano of Original Sound Version was generally positive, and cited the composition of the battle themes as "a cross between The Black Mages and Uematsu's work on Lord of Vermilion".[17] The more orchestral field tracks were also praised.[17] Chris Greening of Square Enix Music Online termed Field Tracks as "largely likeable", and appreciated Uematsu's use of rock music in Battle Tracks, though he disliked the strategy of releasing two incomplete mini-albums rather than a full soundtrack album.[18][19] Both mini-albums sold well: Battle Tracks appeared at position #73 on the Japanese Oricon album charts for a week, while Field Tracks appeared at position #75 for that same week.[20][21]

Battle Tracks
No.TitleJapanese title (Romanization)Length
1."Opening Theme"オープニングテーマ (Ōpuningutēma)6:02
2."Beneath Bloodied Banners"紅蓮の戦旗の下に (Guren no Senki no Shimoni)5:32
3."Nail of the Heavens"天楔 (Tenkusabi)3:10
4."In the Shadow of the Colossus"旭影を追いかけ (Kyokkage wo Oikake)3:26
5."The Forest's Pulse"鳴動 (Meidou)4:27
6."Bathed in Woodsin"草藪を掻きわけ (Kusayabu wo Kakuwake)3:01
7."Quicksand"砂塵 (Sajin)4:41
8."Desert Moon Defied"砂礫を踏みしめ (Sareki wo Fumishime)3:19
9."Victory Fanfare (Full)"勝利のファンファーレ ~凱歌~ (Shouri no Faanfaare ~Gaika~)0:58
Field Tracks
No.TitleJapanese title (Romanization)Length
1."Prelude - Remembrance"プレリュード ~追憶の煌めき~ (Pureryūdo ~Tsuioku no Kirameki~)6:01
2."Navigator's Glory - The Theme of Limsa Lominsa"潮風の集う街 ~リムサ・ロミンサのテーマ~ (Shiokaze no Tsudou Machi ~Limsa Lominsa no Tēma~)5:23
3."On Windy Meadows"ラノシアの疾風 (Ranoshia no Hayate)5:25
4."Born of the Boughs - The Theme of Gridania"木々のさざめく街 ~グリダニアのテーマ~ (Kigi no Sazameku Machi ~Gridania no Tēma~)5:32
5."Emerald Labyrinth"黒衣の迷宮 (Hēiyīno mígōng)4:37
6."The Twin Faces of Fate - The Theme of Ul'dah"運命の交わる街 ~ウルダハのテーマ~ (Unmei no Majiwaru Machi ~Ul'dah no Tēma~)6:33
7."Twilight over Thanalan"ザナラーンの黄昏 (Thanalan no Tasogare)4:21
8."Aetherial Slumber"エーテルのまどろみ (Ēteru no Madoromi)7:13

Eorzean Frontiers[]

Final Fantasy XIV - Eorzean Frontiers
Soundtrack album by
ReleasedSeptember 1, 2012
GenreVideo game soundtrack
Length3:14:24 (iTunes download)

Final Fantasy XIV - Eorzean Frontiers was the first full album of music from the game to be released. It was published by Square Enix on September 1, 2012 as a digital album through iTunes. The tracks include most of the music that had been released for the game at that point, including pieces that were present at the game's launch and some which were added later, including "Rise of the White Raven", the theme for Nael Van Darnus, and the themes for the Grand Companies of Eorzea. All of the tracks from the album were additionally released on the same date in a set of smaller digital mini-albums, also released through iTunes, titled Final Fantasy XIV Frontiers - Gridania, Ishgard, Limsa Lominsa, and Ul'dah. The majority of the music was composed by Nobuo Uematsu, with additional pieces contributed by Masayoshi Soken, Naoshi Mizuta, Tsuyoshi Sekito, and Ryo Yamazaki. The 38 tracks of the album cover a duration of 3:14:24.[2]

Derek Heemsbergen of RPGFan reviewed the album as an "incredibly rich and diverse musical score", and felt that regardless of the reception to the game itself, that the soundtrack was worthy of a Final Fantasy game.[2] Jayson Napolitano of Destructoid, in his review of the album, found that while there were many interesting tracks in the album and that the total length of more than three hours made the album a "good deal", that most of the tracks that he enjoyed the most were previously featured on the Final Fantasy XIV Battle Tracks and Field Tracks mini-albums.[22]

Track list
No.TitleWriter(s)Japanese titleLength
1."Holy Consult"Nobuo Uematsu聖なる助言者4:53
3."Starlight and Sellswords"Uematsu桟道を上りて4:08
4."Flightless Wings"Uematsu猛き嵐の剣に4:31
5."Fallen Angel"Masayoshi Soken墜天せし者6:42
7."Rise of the White Raven"Soken白銀の凶鳥、飛翔せり5:55
8."Born of the Boughs (The Theme of Gridania)"Uematsu木々さざめく街 (グリダニアのテーマ)5:34
9."Whisper of the Land"Uematsu冥き地の底に5:30
10."Emerald Labyrinth"Uematsu黒衣の迷宮5:18
11."Bathed in Woodsin"Uematsu草薮を掻きわけ3:59
12."Dewdrops & Moonbeams"Ryo Yamazaki露の玉、月の光3:25
13."Good King Moogle Mog XII"Soken善王モグル・モグXII世5:35
14."Into the Adder's Den"Tsuyoshi Sekito双蛇党統合司令部6:49
15."Seven Jesters"Soken七匹の道化たち6:03
16."Navigator's Glory (The Theme of Limsa Lominsa)"Uematsu潮風の集う街 (リムサ・ロミンサのテーマ)5:24
18."On Windy Meadows"Uematsuラノシアの疾風5:20
19."In the Shadow of the Colossus"Uematsu旭影を追いかけ4:08
20."Horizons Calling"Uematsu水平線の彼方5:10
21."Ripples in the Sea"Yamazaki洋上の小波2:21
22."Maelstrom Command"Naoshi Mizuta黒渦団軍令部6:17
23."The Promise of Plunder"Soken隠し財宝を求めて4:00
24."Quick as Silver, Hard as Stone"Mizuta疾きこと銀の如く、硬きこと石の如く7:03
25."The Twin Faces of Fate (The Theme of Ul'dah)"Uematsu運命の交わる街 (ウルダハのテーマ)5:51
26."Twilight over Thanalan"Uematsuザナラーンの黄昏4:15
29."Desert Moon Defied"Uematsu砂礫を踏みしめ3:52
30."Primal Judgment"Uematsu原始の審判4:38
32."The Sand's Secrets"Yamazaki砂の機密2:59
33."The Hall of Flames"Yamazaki不滅隊作戦本部6:17
35."Tears for Mor Dhouna"Uematsuモドゥーナの涙雨6:53
36."Phantoms on the Lake"Uematsu幽境5:36
37."Steel Reason"Uematsu鋼の理念4:13

Before Meteor[]

Before Meteor: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack
Soundtrack album by
Nobuo Uematsu, Masayoshi Soken, Naoshi Mizuta, Tsuyoshi Sekito, Ryo Yamazaki, and Ai Yamashita
ReleasedAugust 14, 2013
Recorded2008 - 2012
GenreVideo game soundtrack
Length6:05:51 (Single Blu-ray disc)

On August 14, 2013, two weeks before the release of A Realm Reborn, Square Enix published Before Meteor: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack, a full soundtrack album with all of the music composed for the original release of the game, which had shut down a year prior. The 104-track album was released on a single Blu-ray disc and included music lasting 6:05:51, with both the original music by Uematsu as well as the additional tracks composed by Mizuta, Yamazaki, Sekito, Soken, and Ai Yamashita during the game's run. The disc also included a remastered version of the "A New Beginning" trailer and a bonus download code for an in-game Dalamud Minion.[23] The Blu-ray disc allowed purchasers to rip digital copies of the album on their Blu-ray devices to play without the disc.[24] Emily McMillan of Video Game Music Online generally praised the music, praising some of the newer tracks and Uematsu's work on the more orchestral tracks. Her main criticisms were that some aspects seemed artificial and that the composers were playing safe with the themes and motifs used.[25] Before Meteor appeared at position #11 on the Japanese Oricon album charts for its release week and remained in the charts for three weeks.[26]

Track list
No.TitleWriter(s)Japanese titleLength
1."Prelude - Remembrance"Nobuo Uematsuプレリュード ~追憶の煌めき~5:50
2."Opening Theme"Uematsuオープニングテーマ5:56
3."Navigator’s Glory - The Theme of Limsa Lominsa"Uematsu潮風の集う街 ~リムサ・ロミンサのテーマ~3:56
5."On Windy Meadows"Uematsuラノシアの疾風5:18
6."Nail of the Heavens"Uematsu天楔3:17
7."In the Shadow of the Colossus"Uematsu旭影を追いかけ3:28
8."Siren Song"Masayoshi Sokenセイレーンの呼び声2:05
9."Born of the Boughs - The Theme of Gridania"Uematsu木々のさざめく街 ~グリダニアのテーマ~5:02
10."Whisper of the Land"Uematsu冥き地の底に5:28
11."Emerald Labyrinth"Uematsu黒衣の迷宮3:33
12."The Forest’s Pulse"Uematsu鳴動3:04
13."Bathed in Woodsin"Uematsu草藪を掻きわけ3:28
14."March of the Moogles"Sokenモーグリ行進曲0:44
15."The Twin Faces of Fate - The Theme of Ul’dah"Uematsu運命の交わる街 ~ウルダハのテーマ~5:32
16."Twilight over Thanalan"Uematsuザナラーンの黄昏4:12
19."Desert Moon Defied"Uematsu砂礫を踏みしめ3:20
21."Pennons Aloft"Uematsu槍旗6:01
22."Starlight and Sellswords"Uematsu桟道を上りて3:50
23."Tears for Mor Dhona"Uematsuモードゥナの涙雨4:27
24."Phantoms on the Lake"Uematsu幽境5:20
25."Supply & Demand"Uematsu街路の雑踏1:44
26."Behind Closed Doors"Uematsu安らぎの部屋3:28
27."Horizons Calling"Uematsu地平線の彼方2:51
28."No Quarter"Uematsuノー・クォーター4:05
29."Beneath Bloodied Banners"Uematsu紅蓮の戦旗の下に5:50
30."With these Hands"Uematsuすべてはこの手から2:58
31."By Design"Uematsuバイデザイン2:20
32."Nature's Bounty"Uematsu自然の賜物2:22
33."When a Tree Falls"Uematsu汗を流して1:03
35."Crowning Achievements"Uematsu栄光の賛歌0:11
36."Where the Heart Is"Uematsu心の故郷2:33
37."Holy Consult"Uematsu聖なる助言者4:39
38."Aetherial Slumber"Uematsuエーテルのまどろみ3:18
39."The Echo"Uematsu追憶の迷路1:45
40."Fever Dream"Uematsu前触れ2:31
41."Daring Alliances"Uematsu日溜り1:46
42."Sacred Bonds"Uematsu哀愁2:57
43."Piece of Mind"Uematsu清浄なる心3:16
44."Inner Recess"Uematsu焦燥の旅路1:19
45."From the Heart"Uematsu帰るべき場所2:27
46."Fourteen Steps"Uematsuまた、ここから3:13
47."Fragments of Forever"Uematsu永遠の欠片2:22
50."Everbinding Oath"Uematsu永遠の誓い2:37
52."Moonfire Faire"Uematsu紅蓮祭3:23
53."All Saint's Wake"Uematsu守護天節3:15
54."Starlight Celebration"Uematsu星芒祭6:05
56."The Hero of Hatchingside"Sokenエッグハントの英雄0:07
58."Battle Drums"Uematsu蛮勇4:02
59."Bo-down"Uematsuレンタル de チョコボ2:53
61."The Seventh Gate"Uematsu試練の戦い5:40
62."Victory Fanfare (Short)"Uematsu勝利のファンファーレ ~凱歌~ (ショート)0:11
63."Without Shadow"Uematsu忍び寄る闇3:08
64."Canticle"Ai Yamashita祈りの歌1:19
65."Wrath of the Eikons"Uematsu怒れる神々3:51
66."Primal Judgment"Uematsu原始の審判5:07
67."Final Respite"Uematsu夢はいまも……3:31
68."The Dark's Embrace"Uematsu闇の抱擁3:32
69."The Dark's Kiss"Uematsu闇の口付3:28
71."Victory Fanfare (Full)"Uematsu勝利のファンファーレ ~凱歌~ (ロング)0:40
72."Maelstrom Command"Naoshi Mizuta黒渦団軍令部5:50
73."Into the Adder's Den"Tsuyoshi Sekito双蛇党統合司令部4:11
74."The Hall of Flames"Ryo Yamazaki不滅隊作戦本部4:33
75."Honor and Duty"Soken名誉と義務0:08
76."Eorzea de Chocobo"Sokenエオルゼア de チョコボ4:24
77."Ripples in the Sea"Yamazaki洋上の小波1:15
78."The Sand’s Secrets"Yamazaki砂の機密1:30
79."Dewdrops & Moonbeams"Yamazaki露の玉、月の光1:44
80."Dreams Aloft"Yamazaki夢見るは遙かなる空1:20
82."Birds of a Feather"Sokenキャラバン護衛1:25
83."Flee Together"Sokenとんずら!1:52
84."Quick as Silver, Hard as Stone"Mizuta疾きこと銀の如く、硬きこと石の如く5:00
85."Flightless Wings"Uematsu猛き嵐の剣に4:14
87."The Promise of Plunder"Soken隠し財宝を求めて3:49
89."Seven Jesters"Soken七匹の道化たち3:02
90."Good King Moogle Mog XII"Soken善王モグル・モグXII世5:38
91."The Rider's Boon"Sekitoその背に揺られて(そのせにゆられて3:20
92."Breaking Boundaries"Soken極限を超えて3:20
94."In the Arms of Althyk"Soken時神に誘われて0:11
95."Agent of Inquiry"Soken事件屋のアレ2:43
96."The Tug of Fate"Soken運命の導き4:30
97."To the Fore"Soken全隊前へ!6:32
98."Imperial Will"Uematsu帝国の意志5:09
99."Steel Reason"Uematsu鋼の理念4:17
101."Fallen Angel"Soken堕天せし者7:09
103."Rise of the White Raven"Soken白銀の凶鳥、飛翔せり5:51

A Realm Reborn[]

Original Soundtrack[]

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Original Soundtrack
A Realm Reborn album cover.jpg
Soundtrack album by
ReleasedMarch 26, 2014[27]
GenreVideo game soundtrack
Length6:48:00 (Single Blu-ray disc)[28]

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Original Soundtrack was released by Square Enix on March 21, 2014. It was released on a Blu-ray disc and features 119 tracks lasting 6:48:00, all composed by Masayoshi Soken.[28] In addition to the tracks present in the initial launch of A Realm Reborn, the album also includes tracks used in the 2.1 patch, A Realm Awoken.[24] Initial copies of the soundtrack also came with a special "Wind-up Bahamut" in-game pet.[29] Soken composed all of the music of the game, as well as sound effects, in only eight months.[30] Emily McMillan of Video Game Music Online, in her review of the album, termed it a "truly fantastic score", and said that it was superior to the music of the original version of the game. She felt that it was an excellent merging of the traditional Final Fantasy musical style with a modern orchestral score.[31] Mike Salbato of RPGFan also praised the album saying that it was his favorite soundtrack album of 2014, and that he "can't recommend A Realm Reborn's soundtrack highly enough".[30]

In addition to reviews of the album, within the context of the game the music has been well received. Kotaku's Mike Fahey stated that the music was "wonderful, complex and satisfying".[32] He often paused to remove the ambient and interface noises so as to hear it better.[32] GamesRadar's Adam Harshberger called it "a standout even amongst Final Fantasy's storied heritage"[33] while Digital Spy's Mark Langshaw called it "a sonic feast ... that pays appropriate homage to the long-running RPG series".[34] The soundtrack won Video Game Music Online's 2013 Annual Game Music Awards in the Eastern category.[35] A Realm Reborn appeared at position #10 on the Japanese Oricon album charts for its release week, and remained in the charts for eight weeks, selling over 21,900 copies.[36][37]

Track list
No.TitleWriter(s)Japanese title (Romanization)Length
1."Prelude – Rebirth"Masayoshi Sokenプレリュード ~再誕の煌めき~ (Prelude ~Saitan no Kirameki~)1:16
2."Torn from the Heavens"Soken天より降りし力 (Ten yori Furishi Chikara)5:11
3."Prelude – Discoveries"Sokenプレリュード ~冒険の序章~ (Prelude ~Bouken no Joshou~)10:30
4."A New Hope"Soken希望の都 (Kibou no Miyako)11:24
5."To the Sun"Soken灼熱の地へ (Shakunetsu no Chi e)6:34
6."The Land Burns"Soken荒野の鼓動 (Areno no Kodou)3:04
7."The Gift of Life"Soken生命の賜物 (Seimei no Tamamono)1:07
8."Another Round"Sokenもう一杯! (Mou Ippai!)2:16
9."Hard to Miss"Soken宿命 (Shukumei)4:12
10."Bo-down"Nobuo Uematsuレンタル de チョコボ (Rental de Chocobo)1:57
11."Sultana Dreaming"Soken夢見る女王陛下 (Yume Miru Jou'ou Heika)7:05
12."Bliss"Soken, Nobuko Toda, Yoshitaka Suzuki無常の喜び (Mujou no Yorokobi)1:56
13."Fracture"Soken不穏な気配 (Fuon no Kenai)1:25
14."Tenacity"Soken, Toda, Suzuki不屈の闘志 (Fukutsu no Toushi)5:05
15."Return of the Hero"Soken, Toda, Suzuki英雄の凱旋 (Eiyuu no Gaisen)2:16
16."A World Apart"Sokenそして世界へ (Soshite Sekai e)3:38
17."I Am the Sea"Soken偉大なる母港 (Idai naru Bokou)13:58
18."On Westerly Winds"Soken西風に乗せて (Nishikaze ni Nosete)5:19
19."The Land Breathes"Soken大地の鼓動 (Daichi no Kodou)3:04
20."Saltswept"Soken潮風香る街 (Shiokaze Kaoru Machi)1:49
21."Ruby Moonrise"Soken爆ぜよ耐熱装備 (Hazeyou Tainetsu Soubi)2:19
22."Eorzea de Chocobo"Sokenエオルゼア de チョコボ (Eorzea de Chocobo)2:33
23."A Sailor Never Sleeps"Soken船乗りは眠らない (Funanori wa Nemuranai)7:45
24."Currents"Soken潮流 (Chouryuu)0:51
25."Brothers in Arms"Soken, Toda, Suzuki戦友 (Senyuu)6:31
26."Wailers And Waterwheels"Soken水車の調べ (Suisha no Shirabe)11:26
27."Serenity"Soken静穏の森 (Seion no Mori)5:52
28."The Land Bends"Soken森の鼓動 (Mori no Kodou)2:49
29."Reign of Pain"Naoshi Mizuta黒き悪魔 (Kuroki Akuma)2:01
30."The Rider's Boon"Tsuyoshi Sekitoその背に揺られて (Sono Se ni Yurarete)3:18
31."Dance of the Fireflies"Soken蛍たちの舞踏会 (Hotaru-tachi no Budoukai)4:24
32."Greenwrath"Soken精霊の意思 (Seirei no Ishi)1:23
33."From the Depths"Soken仄暗い底から (Honogurai Soko kara)1:34
34."The Promise of Plunder"Soken隠し財宝を求めて (Kakushi Zaihou wo Motomete)3:48
35."Slumber Disturbed"Soken妨げられた眠り (Samatagerareta Nemuri)1:14
36."A Fine Death"Soken名誉に賭けて (Meiyo ni Kakete)3:11
37."Below"Soken地下坑道 (Chika Koudou)1:36
38."Nemesis"Uematsuネメシス (Nemesis)4:52
39."A Victory Fanfare Reborn (Full)"Soken勝利のファンファーレ ~新生(フル)~ (Shouri no Fanfare ~Shinshou (Full)~)1:41
40."The Waking Sands"Soken砂の家 (Suna no Ie)4:10
41."Smoulder"Soken燻る灰 (Iburu Hai)1:29
42."Pitfire"Uematsu炎獄の火種 (Engoku no Hidane)1:56
43."One Blood"Toda, Suzuki血脈 (Ketsumyaku)1:56
44."Primal Judgement"Uematsu原始の審判 (Genshi no Shinpan)3:05
45."Calling"Soken星の囁き (Hoshi no Sasayaki)0:36
46."Where the Heart Is"Soken心温まる場所 (Kokoro Atatamaru Basho)2:39
47."Where the Hearth Is"Soken体暖まる場所 (Karada Atatamaru Basho)5:21
48."Battle Theme 1.x"Soken戦闘シーン1.X (Sentou Scene 1.X)3:30
49."Conundrum"Soken, Toda, Suzuki堂々巡り (Doudoumeguri)2:07
50."Agent of Inquiry"Soken事件屋のアレ (Jikenya no Are)1:44
51."The Ludus"Soken闘士の修練所 (Doushi no Shuurensho)1:25
52."Flibbertigibbet"Sokenイタズラっ子たち (Itazurakko-tachi)1:46
53."A Curious Breed of Botherment"Soken世にも奇妙な厄介者 (Yo ni mo Kimyou na Yakkaimono)1:54
54."A Thousand Screams"Soken千の悲鳴 (Sen no Himei)0:58
55."My Soul to Keep"Soken我が魂を捧げて (Waga Tamashii wo Sasagete)2:08
56."From Fear to Fortitude"Soken, Toda, Suzuki豪勇の士 (Gouyuu no Shi)4:21
57."The Maiden's Lament"Soken乙女の哀歌 (Otome no Aika)1:20
58."Ruby Sunrise"Soken��く太陽(Kagayaku Taiyou)3:57
59."Lipflaps on Longstops"Soken野営地のお調子者 (Yaeichi no Ochoushimono)1:08
60."Echoes of Ages Past"Soken昔日の残響 (Sekijitsu no Zankyou)0:55
61."Abomination"Soken憎悪 (Zou'o)1:02
62."Quick as Silver, Hard as Stone"Mizuta疾きこと銀の如く、硬きこと石の如く (Tsuki koto Kane no Shiku, Kouki koto Ishi no Shiku)2:30
63."Weight of a Whisper"Sokenタイタンの慟哭 (Titan no Doukoku)1:40
64."Weight of His Will"Sokenタイタンの憤怒 (Titan no Funne)2:52
65."Weight of the World"Sokenタイタンの激震 (Titan no Gekishin)1:35
66."Heartless"Sokenタイタンの心核 (Titan no Shisane)2:16
67."Under the Weight"Soken過重圧殺! ~蛮神タイタン討滅戦~ (Kajou Assatsu! ~Banshin Titan Toumetsusen~)11:34
68."Forever Lost"Soken永遠の離別 (Eien no Ribetsu)2:58
69."Fealty"Soken忠義 (Chuugi)3:33
70."Undying Faith"Soken鋼の信仰 (Hagane no Shinkou)0:55
71."The Land Breaks"Soken雪山の鼓動 (Setsuzan no Kodou)3:19
72."The Dragon's Dirge"Soken竜の葬送歌 (Ryuu no Sousouka)1:01
73."Cold Salvation"Soken極寒戦線 (Gokkan Sensen)1:02
74."The Darkhold"Sokenゼーメル要塞 (Dzemael Yousai)1:12
75."Miser's Folly"Soken守銭奴の愚行 (Shuusendo no Gukou)1:09
76."Thunderer"Soken雷鳴 (Raimei)5:04
77."Kiss of Chaos"Soken混沌の予感 (Konton no Yokan)1:43
78."Flightless Wings"Uematsu猛き嵐の剣に (Mouki Arashi no Ken ni)2:35
79."Fleeting Rays"Soken儚き光彩 (Hakanaki Kousai)1:37
80."Engage"Soken蒼き翼 (Aoki Tsubasa)3:36
81."Damnation"Soken破滅 (Hametsu)1:03
82."Fallen Angel"Soken堕天せし者 (Datenseshi mono)4:30
83."Frontiers Within"Sokenフロンティア (Frontier)3:25
84."Reflections"Sokenリフレクション (Reflection)2:08
85."Intertwined"Soken交錯 (Kousaku)3:32
86."The Land Bleeds"Soken水晶の鼓動 (Suishou no Kodou)3:05
87."Crystal Rain"Sokenクリスタルの雨 (Crystal no Ame)0:55
88."Through the Gloom"Soken薄闇に射す光 (Usuyami ni Sasu Hikari)1:53
89."Slither"Soken五里霧中 (Gorimuchuu)0:23
90."Good King Moggle Mog XII"Soken善王モグル・モグXII世 (Zennou Moggle Mog XII)3:13
91."A Tonberry's Tears"Sokenトンベリの涙 (Tonberry no Namida)1:04
92."A Fell Air Falleth"Soken戦士の直感 (Senshi no Chokkan)2:55
93."Cracks in the Wall"Soken古城にて…… (Kojou nite......)1:15
94."Skullduggery"Soken奸計 (Kankei)2:13
95."Breaking Boundaries"Soken極限を超えて (Kyokugen wo Koete)1:59
96."The Dark's Embrace"Uematsu闇の抱擁 (Yami no Houyou)2:00
97."The Dark's Kiss"Uematsu闇の口付 (Yami no Kuchizuke)2:02
98."Hubris"Soken, Toda, Suzuki傲慢 (Gouman)5:52
99."Ever Upwards"Soken, Toda, Suzuki天上へ (Tenjou e)6:00
100."Tumbling Down"Soken, Toda, Suzuki奈落へ (Naraku e)6:46
101."Defender of the Realm"Soken, Toda, Suzukiエオルゼアの守護者 (Eorzea no Shugosha)2:20
102."Machinations"Soken軍議 (Gungi)1:28
103."Discordance"Soken不調和 (Fuchouwa)0:21
104."The Emperor's Wont"Soken魔導の軍勢 (Madou no Gunzei)8:26
105."Beyond the Unknown"Soken未知の領域へ (Michi no Ryouiki)0:13
106."The Only Path"Sokenただひとつの道 (Tada Hitotsu no Michi)0:59
107."Penitus"Soken魔導城プラエトリウム (Madoujou Praetorium)14:18
108."Bite of the Black Wolf"Soken漆黒の王狼、咆吼せり (Shikkoku no Oukami, Houkou seri)4:36
109."The Maker's Ruin"Soken神なき世界 (Kami naki Sekai)2:51
110."Ultima"Soken究極幻想 (Kyuukyoku Gensou)7:10
111."Serving the Light"Soken光の加護 (Hikari no Kago)1:04
112."Flight"Soken終局 (Shuukyoku)1:15
113."The Seventh Sun"Soken第七星暦 (Dai-nana Hoshireki)5:00
114."Dawn of a New Era"Soken新時代の暁 (Sjinjidai no Akatsuki)1:07
115."And You! – A Realm Reborn Medley"SokenAnd You! ~新生エオルゼアメドレー~ (And You! ~Shinshou Eorzea Medley~)2:40
116."The Corpse Hall"Soken(Zan)10:50
117."Primal Timbre"Soken真実を求めて (Shinjitsu wo Motomete)6:31
118."Spiral"Soken螺旋 (Rasen)6:54
119."Calamity Unbound"Soken試練を超える力 (Shiren wo Koeru Chikara)8:08
120."Battle on the Big Bridge (hidden track)"Uematsu, Sokenビッグブリッヂの死闘 ~新生~ Mortal Combat on the Big Bridge ~Reborn~4:24

From Astral to Umbral[]

Final Fantasy XIV: From Astral to Umbral - Band & Piano Arrangement Album
Soundtrack album by
ReleasedDecember 17, 2014
GenreVideo game soundtrack

Final Fantasy XIV: From Astral to Umbral - Band & Piano Arrangement Album is a Blu-ray album of rock and piano arrangements of music from A Realm Reborn. It features arrangements by Soken, GUNN, Keiko, and Nobuko Toda of pieces originally composed by Soken for the game, and was published by Square Enix on December 17, 2014. The first six tracks on the album are piano covers, performed by Keiko, of field and town themes from the game. The following six are rock covers by Soken's band The Primals of the musical themes from the game of the primals, powerful elemental creatures. The Blu-ray disc also features the original versions of the twelve tracks, videos of in-game scenes where the original music plays, as well as one secret track that needs a password to unlock. Some of the original tracks had not yet been released on an official album when Astral to Umbral was produced.[38] In picking tracks to arrange for this album, Soken wanted to highlight the contrast between the two sides. He chose pieces that he originally composed on piano for the piano selections and on guitar for the rock selections.[39]

Mike Salbato of RPGFan reviewed the album and described it as "a great, if perhaps disjointed experience". He praised the high quality of the arrangements and performances, but questioned the grouping of the more gentle piano tracks alongside the heavy rock pieces.[38]

Track list
No.TitleWriter(s)Japanese title (Romanization)Length
1."Piano:Serenity"KEIKO/Nobuko Tode静穏の森 ~黒衣森フィールド~ (Seion no mori ~ kokui mori fīrudo ~)6:14
2."Piano:Wailers And Waterwheels"KEIKO/Nobuko Tode水車の調べ 〜グリダニア〜 (Suisha no shirabe 〜 guridania 〜)6:01
3."Piano:To the Sun"KEIKO/Nobuko Tode灼熱の地へ 〜ザナラーンフィールド〜 (Shakunetsu no ji e 〜 zanarānfīrudo 〜)7:19
4."Piano:A New Hope"KEIKO/Nobuko Tode希望の都 〜ウルダハ〜 (Kibō no miyako 〜 urudaha 〜)6:52
5."Piano:On Westerly Winds"KEIKO/Nobuko Tode西風に乗せて 〜ラノシアフィールド〜 (Seifū ni nosete 〜 ranoshiafīrudo 〜)5:50
6."I Am the Sea"KEIKO/Nobuko Tode偉大なる母港 〜リムサ・ロミンサ〜 (Idainaru bokō 〜 rimusa rominsa 〜)8:57
7."Band:Primal Judgment"Masayoshi Soken/GUNN/THE PRIMALS原始の審判 〜蛮神イフリート討伐戦〜 (Genshi no shinpan 〜 Ban-shin ifurīto tōbatsu-sen 〜)2:52
8."Band:Under the Weight"Masayoshi Soken/GUNN/THE PRIMALS過重圧殺! 〜蛮神タイタン討伐戦〜 (Kajū assatsu! 〜 Ban Kami Tai Tan tōbatsu-sen 〜)5:15
9."Band:Fallen Angel"Masayoshi Soken/GUNN/THE PRIMALS堕天せし者 〜蛮神ガルーダ討伐戦〜 (Daten seshi mono 〜 Ban-shin garūda tōbatsu-sen 〜)4:12
10."Band:Through the Maelstrom"Masayoshi Soken/GUNN/THE PRIMALS混沌の渦動 〜蛮神リヴァイアサン討滅戦〜 (Konton no kadō 〜 Ban-shin rivu~aiasan tōmetsu-sen 〜)4:17
11."Band:Thunder Rolls"Masayoshi Soken/GUNN/THE PRIMALS雷光雷鳴 〜蛮神ラムウ討滅戦〜 (Raikō raimei 〜 Ban-shin ramū tōmetsu-sen 〜)4:44
12."Band:Oblivion"Masayoshi Soken/GUNN/THE PRIMALS忘却の彼方 〜蛮神シヴァ討滅戦〜 (Bōkyaku no kanata 〜 Ban-shin shivu~a tōmetsu-sen 〜)4:00

Before the Fall[]

Before the Fall: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack
Soundtrack album by
ReleasedAugust 26, 2015
GenreVideo game soundtrack

Before the Fall: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack is an album of music from four patches to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. These were patches 2.2 through 2.5: "Through the Maelstrom", "Defenders of Eorzea", "Dreams of Ice", and "Before the Fall". The album was released by Square Enix on August 26, 2015 on Blu-ray, and includes all of the music that Soken composed for the updates, as well as several pieces for the updates written by Nobuo Uematsu, Naoshi Mizuta, and Ryo Yamazaki. Of the 61 tracks, 16 were previously released on other albums, primarily the Before Meteor album, and these tracks compose the majority of the non-Soken tracks.[40] It sold around 14,500 copies.[41]

Christopher Huynh of Video Game Music Online held a mixed opinion of the album, which he criticized as "a rather mixed bag of tracks". He said that while some of the tracks were excellent, there were several poor pieces as well, and was disappointed in the repeated material. He ascribed the uneven quality of the album to a lack of an overriding theme to the music, which left it as a collection of disparate material. He also criticized the sound quality, believing that the use of a real orchestra would have helped the orchestral pieces.[40]

Track list
No.TitleWriter(s)Japanese title (Romanization)Length
1."Wreck to the Seaman"Masayoshi Soken船乗りには難破を ~蛮神リヴァイアサン前哨戦~ (Funanori ni wa nanpa o ~ Ban-shin rivu~aiasan zenshōsen ~)2:00
2."Through the Maelstrom"Masayoshi Soken混沌の渦動 〜蛮神リヴァイアサン討滅戦〜 (Konton no kadō 〜 Ban-shin rivu~aiasan tōmetsu-sen 〜)7:29
3."The Scars of Battle"Masayoshi Soken魔大戦の傷跡 ~腐敗遺跡 古アムダプール市街~ (Ma taisen no kizuato ~ fuhai iseki ko amudapūru shigai ~)4:48
4."Persistence"Nobuo Uematsu不屈の挑戦 (Fukutsu no chōsen)1:37
5."Wrath of the Eikons"Nobuo Uematsu怒れる神々 (Okoreru kamigami)2:35
6."Breathless"Nobuo Uematsuノォヴ一味 (No~ovu ichimi)2:20
7."Gluppity-schlopp"Naoshi Mizutaクズテツどもの歌 (Kuzutetsu-domo no uta)1:41
8."Fury"Nobuo Uematsu憤怒 ~盟友支援 ブレイフロクスの野営地~ (Fundo ~ meiyū shien bureifurokusu no yaei-chi ~)2:36
9."Pa-Paya"Masayoshi Sokenパーパや (Pa-Paya)4:40
10."Birds of a Feather"Masayoshi Sokenキャラバン護衛 ~剣闘領域 ハラタリ修練所~ (Kyaraban goei ~ ken 闘領-Iki haratari shūren-sho ~)1:20
11."Beneath Bloodied Banners"Nobuo Uematsu紅蓮の戦旗の下に ~剣闘領域 ハラタリ修練所~ (Guren no senki no shita ni ~ ken 闘領-Iki haratari shūren-sho ~)2:52
12."Big-boned"Masayoshi Sokenでぶチョコボ騎乗 (Debu chokobo kijō)2:34
13."Battle on the Big Bridge"Nobuo Uematsuビッグブリッヂの死闘 ~新生~ (Bigguburiddjinoshitō ~ Shinsei ~)4:26
14."Through the Maelstrom (Female Vocals)"Masayoshi Soken混沌の渦動 〜蛮神リヴァイアサン討滅戦:女性版〜 (Konton no kadō 〜 Ban-shin rivu~aiasan tōmetsu-sen: Josei-ban 〜)7:29
15."Meteor"Ryo Yamazakiメテオ (Meteo)2:16
16."Blades"Masayoshi Soken剣と剣 ~大迷宮 バハムート侵攻編~ (Ken to ken ~ dai meikyū bahamūto shinkō-hen ~)6:10
17."Tempest"Nobuo Uematsu戦乱 (Senran)6:16
18."Rise of the White Raven"Masayoshi Soken白銀の凶鳥、飛翔せり (Shirogane no kyō tori, hishō seri)3:05
19."Horizons Calling"Nobuo Uematsu地平線の彼方 ~財宝伝説 ハルブレーカー・アイル~ (Chiheisen no kanata ~ zaihō densetsu haruburēkā airu ~)3:07
20."Far from Home"Nobuo Uematsu何よりも高く (Naniyori mo takaku)1:42
21."Dark Vows"Masayoshi Soken漆黒の誓い ~惨劇霊殿 タムタラの墓所~ (Shikkoku no chikai ~ sangeki reiden tamutara no bosho ~)4:36
22."Answers - Reprise"Nobuo UematsuAnswers - Reprise (Answers - Reprise)1:57
23."Thunder Rolls"Masayoshi Soken雷光雷鳴 〜蛮神ラムウ討滅戦〜 (Raikō raimei 〜 Ban-shin ramū tōmetsu-sen 〜)10:38
24."Moonfire Faire"Nobuo Uematsu紅蓮祭 (Guren-sai)2:04
25."Thicker than a Knife"s Blade"Masayoshi Soken刃、厚いほどに (Ha, atsui hodo ni)2:08
26."The War Room" 作戦会議室 (Sakusen kaigijitsu)4:02
27."Rouse Out!"Masayoshi Soken総員抜剣! (Sōin bakken!)2:51
28."Blood for Blood"Masayoshi Soken血で血を洗って (Chi de chi o aratte)3:28
29."Or the Egg?"Masayoshi Soken卵が先か? (Tamago ga saki ka?)0:19
30."Game Theory"Masayoshi Sokenゲーム理論 (Gēmu riron)2:39
31."Now I Know the Truth"Nobuo Uematsuドーガとウネの心 (Dōga to Une no kokoro)2:05
32."Out of the Labyrinth"Masayoshi Soken絢爛 ~クリスタルタワー:シルクスの塔~ ( Kenran ~ kurisutarutawā: Shirukusu no tō ~)5:19
33."Shattered"Masayoshi Soken破砕 ~クリスタルタワー:シルクスの塔~ (Hasai ~ kurisutarutawā: Shirukusu no tō ~)5:19
34."Loss of Time"Masayoshi Soken時はこぼれ落ちて (Toki wa koboreochite)1:41
35."His Holiness"Masayoshi Soken教皇 (Kyōkō)1:09
36."A Light in the Storm"Masayoshi Soken嵐の中の灯火 ~怪鳥巨塔 シリウス大灯台~ (Arashi no naka no tomoshibi ~ kaichō kyotō Shiriusu dai tōdai ~)8:08
37."Riptide"Masayoshi Soken潮衝 ~逆襲要害 サスタシャ浸食洞~ (Shio 衝 ~ Gyakushū yōgai sasutasha shinshoku hora ~)6:59
38."The Edge"Masayoshi Soken忍びの刃 (Shinobi no ha)2:07
39."Forgotten by the Sun"Masayoshi Soken落日の遺跡 ~遺跡救援 カルン埋没寺院~ (Rakujitsu no iseki ~ iseki kyūen karun maibotsu jiin ~)6:54
40."Pennons Aloft"Nobuo Uematsu槍旗 (Yari hata)3:58
41."The Warrens"Masayoshi Soken秘密坑道 ~氷結潜窟 スノークローク大氷壁~ (Himitsu kōdō ~ hyōketsu sen 窟 Sunōkurōku dai hyōheki ~)7:15
42."Footsteps in the Snow"Masayoshi Soken雪上の足跡 ~蛮神シヴァ前哨戦~ (Setsujō no ashiato ~ Ban-shin shivu~a zenshōsen ~)7:00
43."Oblivion"Masayoshi Soken忘却の彼方 〜蛮神シヴァ討滅戦〜 (Bōkyaku no kanata 〜 Ban-shin shivu~a tōmetsu-sen 〜)8:00
44."Everbinding Oath"Nobuo Uematsu永遠の誓い (Eien'nochikai)5:11
45."From the Ashes"Masayoshi Soken灰より生まれし者 (Hai yori umareshi mono)6:26
46."The Coil Tightens"Masayoshi Soken侵攻 (Shinkō)1:24
47."Four-sided Circle"Nobuo Uematsuマンダヴィル・ゴールドソーサー (Mandavu~iru gōrudosōsā)4:11
48."Gateway to Paradise"Nobuo Uematsu天国の扉 (Tengoku no tobira)3:59
49."Sport of Kings"Nobuo Uematsuチョコボレース (Chokoborēsu)2:43
50."Aftermath"Masayoshi Soken戦禍 ~邪念排撃 古城アムダプール~ (Senka ~ janen haigeki kojō amudapūru ~)6:24
51."Tricksome"Masayoshi Soken聖域の罠 ~武装聖域 ワンダラーパレス~ (Seiiki no wana ~ busō seiiki wandarāparesu ~)6:03
52."Magiteknical Difficulties"Nobuo Uematsu魔導仕掛けの友 (Madō shikake no tomo)3:38
53."Blind to the Dark"Masayoshi Soken薄闇 ~クリスタルタワー:闇の世界~ (Usuyami ~ kurisutarutawā: Yami no sekai ~)5:20
54."Hamartomania"Masayoshi Soken暗闇 ~クリスタルタワー:闇の世界~ (Kurayami ~ kurisutarutawā: Yami no sekai ~)5:09
55."Hunger"Nobuo Uematsu死闘の序曲 (Shitō no jokyoku)0:38
56."The Reach of Darkness"Masayoshi Soken最後の死闘 ~新生~ (Saigo no shitō ~ Shinsei ~)4:28
57."Eternal Wind"Nobuo Uematsu悠久の風 ~新生~ (Yūkyū no kaze ~ Shinsei ~)2:39
58."Faith in Her Fury"Masayoshi Soken戦神の教義 ~皇都イシュガルド防衛戦~(Ikusagami no kyōgi ~ sumeragi-to ishugarudo bōei-sen ~)8:29
59."Unworthy"Masayoshi Soken仇敵 ~皇都イシュガルド防衛戦~ (Kyūteki ~ sumeragi-to ishugarudo bōei-sen ~)2:23
60."Silver Tears"Masayoshi Soken銀の涙 ~幻龍残骸 黙約の塔~ (Gin no namida ~ maboroshi ryū zangai mokuyaku no tō ~)4:58
61."Primogenitor"Masayoshi Soken始祖たる幻龍 (Shisotaru maboroshi ryū)7:34


Heavensward: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack
Soundtrack album by
ReleasedFebruary 24, 2016
GenreVideo game soundtrack

Heavensward: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack is an album of music for the Heavensward expansion pack to A Realm Reborn. The album was released by Square Enix on February 24, 2016 on Blu-ray, and includes all of the music that Soken composed for the expansion and the 3.1 patch "As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness". A few of the 58 tracks on the album were composed by Yukiko Takada or Nobuo Uematsu, and the majority by Soken. Unlike the prior Before the Fall album, all of the music was new to the album, though 16 of the tracks were previously released in September through November 2015 as Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward -EP- Vol. 1. through 3.[42] It sold over 10,600 copies.[43]

The album was well received by Emily McMillan of Video Game Music Online, who lauded the soundtrack's "brilliant, varied, and extraordinarily fun to hear" themes. She praised the unique atmosphere of the new expansion's music, as well as its integration into the overall game's soundscape.[42] It was also well received by Mike Salbato of RPGFan, who claimed that in the soundtrack, "Uematsu, Soken and co. really got a chance to shine musically". He listed "Dragonsong" and "Heavensward" as the "backbone" of the album, as their themes were prevalent in many other pieces in the soundtrack.[44]

Track list
No.TitleWriter(s)Japanese title (Romanization)Length
1."Heavensward"Masayoshi SokenHeavensward4:19
2."A Cold Wind"Masayoshi Soken雪風 (Yukikaze)1:44
3."Solid"Masayoshi Soken堅牢 ~イシュガルド下層:昼~ (Kenrō ~ ishugarudo kasō: Hiru ~)13:22
4."Against the Wind"Masayoshi Soken風に向かって ~クルザス西部高地:昼~ (Kaze ni mukatte ~ kuruzasu seibu kōchi: Hiru ~)2:09
5."Melt"Masayoshi Soken熱戦 ~イシュガルド地方:戦闘~ (Nessen ~ ishugarudo chihō: Sentō ~)3:17
6."Descent"Masayoshi Soken堕落 ~廃砦捜索 ダスクヴィジル~ (Daraku ~ hai toride sōsaku dasukuvu~ijiru ~)4:57
7."Ominous Prognisticks"Masayoshi Soken不吉なる前兆 (Fukitsunaru zenchō)4:14
8."Black and White"Masayoshi Soken黒闇と白雪 ~クルザス西部高地:夜~ (Kuroyami to shira yuki ~ kuruzasu seibu kōchi: Yoru ~)2:18
9."Nobility Sleeps"Masayoshi Sokenノブレス・スリープス ~イシュガルド上層:夜~ (Noburesu surīpusu ~ ishugarudo jōsō: Yoru ~)10:31
10."Borderless"Masayoshi Soken国境なき空 (Kokkyō naki sora)6:43
11."Shelter"Masayoshi Soken旅の宿 (Tabi no yado)1:08
12."Lost in the Clouds"Masayoshi Soken雲に隠れて ~アバラシア雲海:昼~ (Kumo ni kakurete ~ abarashia unkai: Hiru ~)4:22
13."Coming Home"Masayoshi Soken大らかな家 (Dai ra ka na ie)5:31
14."Like a Summer Rain"Masayoshi Soken夏の雨の如く ~神域浮島 ネバーリープ~ (Natsu no ame nogotoku ~ shin'iki ukishima nebārīpu ~)5:51
15."Close to the Heavens"Masayoshi Soken天上の世界 ~アバラシア雲海:夜~ (Tenjō no sekai ~ abarashia unkai: Yoru ~)4:58
16."Jewel"Masayoshi Soken宝石 ~雲海探索 ディアデム諸島~ (Hōseki ~ unkai tansaku diademu shotō ~)3:13
17."For the Sky"Masayoshi Soken天のため (Ten no tame)4:17
18."Safety in Numbers"Masayoshi Sokenみんなでいれば怖くない (Min'na de ireba kowakunai)1:35
19."Painted Foothills"Masayoshi Soken彩られし山麓 ~高地ドラヴァニア:昼~ (Irodora reshi sanroku ~ kōchi doravu~ania: Hiru ~)5:30
20."The Hand that Gives the Rose"Masayoshi Soken武神降臨 ~蛮神ラーヴァナ前哨戦~ (Bushinkōrin ~ Ban-shin rāvu~ana zenshōsen ~)3:08
21."Unbending Steel"Masayoshi Soken曲がらぬ刃 ~蛮神ラーヴァナ討滅戦~ (Magaranu ha ~ Ban-shin rāvu~ana tōmetsu-sen ~)7:24
22."Painted Skies"Masayoshi Soken彩られし夜空 ~高地ドラヴァニア:夜~ (Irodora reshi yozora ~ kōchi doravu~ania: Yoru ~)3:53
23."Slumber Eternal"Masayoshi Soken永遠の眠り ~霊峰踏破 ソーム・アル~ (Eien no nemuri ~ reihō tōha sōmu Aru ~)5:45
24."Landlords"Masayoshi Sokenランドロード ~ドラヴァニア雲海:昼~ (Randorōdo ~ doravu~ania unkai: Hiru ~)4:44
25."What is Love?"Masayoshi Sokenそれは愛くぽ? (Sore wa ai ku po?)1:15
26."Roar of the Wyrm"Masayoshi Soken邪竜の咆吼 ~邪竜血戦 ドラゴンズエアリー~ (Yokoshima ryū no hōkō ~ yokoshima ryū kessen doragonzuearī ~)4:26
27."Skylords"Masayoshi Sokenスカイロード ~ドラヴァニア雲海:夜~ (Sukairōdo ~ doravu~ania unkai: Yoru ~)4:25
28."Contention"Nobuo Uematsu闘争 (Tōsō)3:22
29."Nobility Obliges"Masayoshi Sokenノブレス・オブリージュ ~イシュガルド上層:昼~ (Noburesu oburīju ~ ishugarudo jōsō: Hiru ~)9:20
30."Hallowed Halls"Masayoshi Soken聖座 ~強硬突入 イシュガルド教皇庁~ (Sei-za ~ kyōkō totsunyū ishugarudo kyōkō-chō ~)2:49
31."The Heavens' Ward"Masayoshi Soken蒼天騎士団 (Sōten kishi-dan)3:15
32."Night in the Brume"Masayoshi Soken雲霧街の夜霧 ~イシュガルド下層:夜~ (Kumogiri machi no yogiri ~ ishugarudo kasō: Yoru ~)10:14
33."Heavy Rain"Yukiko Takada雷雨の如く (Raiu nogotoku)2:40
34."Limitless Blue"Masayoshi Soken果てなき蒼 ~蛮神ビスマルク前哨戦~ (Hatenaki ao ~ Ban Kami Bisumaruku zenshōsen ~)3:47
35."Woe that Is Madness"Masayoshi Soken狂気なる災厄 ~蛮神ビスマルク討滅戦~ (Kyōkinaru saiyaku ~ Ban Kami Bisumaruku tōmetsu-sen ~)5:08
36."Misconception"Nobuo Uematsu誤想 (Gosō)4:47
37."Missing Pages"Masayoshi Soken欠けた頁 ~低地ドラヴァニア:昼~ (Kaketa pēji ~ teichi doravu~ania: Hiru ~)3:11
38."Paradise Found"Masayoshi Soken約束の地 (Yakusoku no ji)3:59
39."The Mushroomery"Nobuo Uematsuマトーヤの洞窟 ~蒼天~ (Matōya no dōkutsu ~ sōten ~)2:55
40."Ink Long Dry"Masayoshi Soken万世の言葉 ~禁書回収 グブラ幻想図書館~ (Bansei no kotoba ~ kinsho kaishū gubura gensō toshokan ~)5:34
41."Homestead"Masayoshi Sokenホームステッド (Hōmusuteddo)2:52
42."The Silent Regard of Stars"Masayoshi Soken静寂の星空 ~低地ドラヴァニア:夜~ (Shijima no hoshizora ~ teichi doravu~ania: Yoru ~)3:33
43."Poison Ivy"Masayoshi Soken有毒植物 ~草木庭園 聖モシャーヌ植物園~ (Yūdoku shokubutsu ~ kusaki teien Sei moshānu shokubutsu-en ~)6:04
44."Upon the Rocks"Masayoshi Soken座礁 ~制圧巨塔 シリウス大灯台~ (Zashō ~ seiatsu kyotō Shiriusu dai tōdai ~)12:06
45."Aetherpause"Masayoshi Sokenエーテル圏 ~魔航船ヴォイドアーク~ (Ēteru-ken ~ ma kō-sen vu~oidoāku ~)3:42
46."In Darkness, There Is One"Masayoshi Soken深淵に潜む者 ~魔航船ヴォイドアーク~ (Shin'en ni hisomu mono ~ ma kō-sen vu~oidoāku ~)5:05
47."Voidal Manifest"Masayoshi Sokenヴォイドの棺 ~魔航船ヴォイドアーク~ (Vu~oido no hitsugi ~ ma kō-sen vu~oidoāku ~)4:44
48."Stone and Steel"Masayoshi Soken石と鋼 (Ishi to hagane)4:38
49."Order Yet Undeciphered"Masayoshi Soken未解読法則 ~魔大陸アジス・ラー~ (Mi kaidoku hōsoku ~ ma tairiku Ajisu rā ~)11:07
50."Unbreakable"Masayoshi Sokenアンブレーカブル ~博物戦艦 フラクタル・コンティニアム~ (Anbureikaburu ~ hakubutsu senkan furakutaru kontiniamu ~)4:55
51."Imagination"Masayoshi Sokenイマジネーション ~蒼天聖戦 魔科学研究所~ (Imajinēshon ~ sōten seisen ma kagakukenkyūjo ~)3:42
52."Heroes Never Die"Masayoshi Soken英傑は死なず ~蒼天幻想 ナイツ・オブ・ラウンド討滅戦~ (Eiketsu wa shinazu ~ sōten gensō naitsu Obu raundo tōmetsu-sen ~)7:59
53."Heroes"Masayoshi Soken英傑 ~ナイツ・オブ・ラウンド討滅戦~ (Eiketsu ~ naitsu Obu raundo tōmetsu-sen ~)3:49
54."Inception"Masayoshi Soken発端 (Hottan)1:06
55."Dragonsong"Nobuo Uematsu Dragonsong 5:43
56."Sins of the Father, Sins of the Son"Masayoshi Soken製造者責任 ~機工城アレキサンダー:起動編~ (Seizō-sha sekinin ~ kikō-jō arekisandā: Kidō-hen ~)2:42
57."Locus"Masayoshi Sokenローカス ~機工城アレキサンダー:起動編~ (Rōkasu ~ kikō-jō arekisandā: Kidō-hen ~)8:56
58."Metal"Masayoshi Sokenメタル ~機工城アレキサンダー:起動編~(Metaru ~ kikō-jō arekisandā: Kidō-hen ~)5:30


Final Fantasy XIV: Duality ~Arrangement Album~
Soundtrack album by
ReleasedDecember 7, 2016
GenreVideo game soundtrack

Final Fantasy XIV: Duality ~Arrangement Album~ is a Blu-ray album of rock and piano arrangements of music from Heavensward. It features arrangements by Soken, GUNN, and Keiko of pieces originally composed by Soken for the game, and was published by Square Enix on December 7, 2016. Like From Astral to Umbral, it is split between piano and rock band covers; the first six tracks are piano covers, performed by Keiko, of field and town themes from the game, while the following seven are rock covers by Soken's band The Primals of the musical themes from the game of the primals. The final track on the album is an acoustic and vocal cover of Oblivion, which was a rock song in the original game.[45]

Mike Salbato of RPGFan reviewed the album and described it in similar terms to From Astral, the first arrangement album for the game. He praised the high quality of the arrangements and performances, but found the piano arrangements more interesting for their originality than the rock arrangements; unlike for the From Astral rock arrangements, many of the Duality arrangements were of rock or rock-inspired tracks, which he felt left the arrangements feeling superfluous. He concluded, however, that the piano arrangements and Oblivion cover made the album an "easy recommendation".[45]

The Far Edge of Fate[]

The Far Edge of Fate: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack
Soundtrack album by
Masayoshi Soken
ReleasedJune 7, 2017
GenreVideo game soundtrack

A fifth album, composed of songs from Patch 3.2 through Patch 3.5, was released on 7 June 2017.[46] It sold over 8,900 copies.[47]


Stormblood: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack
Soundtrack album by
Masayoshi Soken
ReleasedJuly 4, 2018
GenreVideo game soundtrack

A sixth album, composed of songs from Patch 4.0 through Patch 4.3, was released on July 4, 2018.[48]


Piano Collections Final Fantasy XIV
Soundtrack album
ReleasedMarch 6th, 2019
GenreVideo game soundtrack

A seventh album, an album of piano arrangements, Piano Collections Final Fantasy XIV, was released on March 6th, 2019. The 17-track album includes piano renditions of songs from throughout the game's soundtrack.[49]


Shadowbringers: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack
Soundtrack album by
Masayoshi Soken
ReleasedSeptember 11, 2019
GenreVideo game soundtrack

An eighth album, composed of songs from Patch 4.4 through Patch 5.05, was released on September 11, 2019.[50]

Death Unto Dawn[]

Death Unto Dawn: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack
Soundtrack album by
Masayoshi Soken
ReleasedSeptember 15, 2021
GenreVideo game soundtrack

A ninth album, composed of songs from Patch 5.1 through 5.55, was released on September 15, 2021.[51]


Four tracks from Final Fantasy XIV ("Navigator's Glory", "Twilight Over Thanalan", "Primal Judgement", and an orchestral rendition of "Answers" with vocals by Susan Calloway) were included in the Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy Returning Home concert on November 6 and 7, 2010 in Tokyo, Japan, which was released as a CD-DVD package in 2011.[52] Those four tracks along with "Beneath Bloodied Banners" were then added to the general setlist options for the international Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy concert tour.[53] Tracks from A Realm Reborn were included in the Nintendo 3DS rhythm game Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call.[54] An 88-page book of sheet music for piano arrangements of songs from the soundtrack titled Final Fantasy XIV Piano Solo Sheet Music was published by Dream Music Factory in 2010, containing the tracks featured in the mini-albums.[55] Dream Music Factory also published piano-arranged sheet music for Before Meteor in 2013 titled Before Meteor: Final Fantasy XIV Piano Solo Sheet Music.[56]

A series of concerts of music from Final Fantasy XIV began in 2017, titled Eorzean Symphony. The series began in September 2017 with a three-night set of concerts in Tokyo performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, led by conductor Hirofumi Kurita.[57] It continued in June 2018 with another concert in Los Angeles and in then again in August in Dortmund, Germany.[58] An album was released on December 20, 2017 containing music from the Tokyo concerts; a blu-ray release contains sixteen tracks as well as video from the concerts, while a CD release contains eight tracks.[57] The album sold over 13,100 copies.[59]


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