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Gunvor from Zimmerwald (born August 23, 1974, Bern), is a Swiss singer and dancer. She is from Bern and owes her name to her Swedish grandfather. She represented Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest 1998 with the song "Lass ihn" but came last, failing to score any points.

Gunvor (formerly Guggisberg) was the seven-time Swiss champion (individual, duo and formation) in tap dance. As a singer she won the show talent competition of Radio DRS 1 at the age of 23, and in 1997 the elimination for the Eurovision Song Contest 1998 in Birmingham. There she won not a single point with her self-composed song Lass him and took last place.

As a result, she was present in the Swiss tabloid media with minor scandalous stories. Paul Riniker shot the documentary Gunvor - Eine Mediengeschichte about it in 1998. In 2003 and 2004 Gunvor took on the leading role of 'Crissy' in the musical Hair. At the end of 2013 she wrote the song Prisoner of Love for Damian Betschart (Channing) for the Swiss preliminary decision of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. In 2017 Gunvor released the pop album 001; a tribute to James Bond, with songs by producer Jens Gad. Gunvor Meyer produced her first children's musical in 2018 with the accompanying book Der kleine Mats. During the lockdown, Gunvor (Mrs. Celebration) released her HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRACKS: personalized in 20 styles of music including video. In 2021 she opened her dance school: GUNVOR'S DANCE SCHOOL & ART. At Gunvor's dance school she gives hip-hop and musical lessons as well as ZOOM online courses. On June 26th, 2021 Gunvor will christen her new album GUNVOR DANCE SCHOOL with 9 dance songs and 1 ballad "Little prayer". Well-known artists named their album: DJ TATANA, Damian, Sepp Trütsch, Bernhard Betschart and Monika Kaelin.


  • Lass ihn (1998) (Single)
  • Money Makes… (1998) (Single)
  • Land of Fantasy (1999) (Single)
  • From A to Z (2000) (Album)
  • Born to Be (Loved by You) (2002) (Single)
  • Don’t Judge (2009) (Single)
  • Passion (Fearless) (2011) (Single)
  • Question of Trust (2013) (Single)
  • Moi, j’aime faire l’amour (2013) (Single)
  • Secret Love (2013) (Single) - Track ON AIR at Radio Swiss Pop
  • From A to Z (2013) (Doppelalbum)
  • Man on Fire (2014) (Single)
  • That's Life (2015) (Album)
  • 001 (2017) (Album)
  • Make love believe (2018) (Single) - Track ON AIR at Radio Swiss Pop
  • My dying day (2018) (Single) - Track ON AIR at Radio Swiss Pop
  • You killed my innocence (2018) (Single) - Track ON AIR at Radio Swiss Pop written by Toby Gad & Jens Gad
  • Der kleine Mats – Das Kindermusical von und mit Gunvor (2018) (Children musical - Album)
  • Happy Birthday (2020) (Album and Singles; in 20 different music styles; also personalized with video)
  • Dance in Switzerland (2021) (Single)
  • GUNVOR DANCE SCHOOL (2021) (Album)
  • Dance Dance Dance (2021) (Single)
  • Little prayer (2021) (Single)
  • Swiss Choc (2021) (Single)
  • Rolex Moment (2021) (Single)
  • Swiss Cheese (2021) (Single)
  • Swiss Mountain (2021) (Single)
  • Swiss Happiness (2021) (Single)
  • Tap girl (2021) (Single)
  • Dance School (2021) (Single)


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